Weight & Cellulite/DetoxPackage


Essential oils are a perfect aid for weight loss. These plant oils helps gain control over eating habits and to better regulate the food proportion one takes. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, and taken in a healthy and safe way, essential oil from plants have some of the most interactions with the body. Most importantly, it is good to know how to use essential oils for weight loss. Below are the essential oils from plants included in this package.

Peppermint Oil         $15

One of the common applications of peppermint is to relieve gastrointestinal distress by ingesting diluted high quality peppermint essential oil. Cinnamon can naturally reduce water weigh and increase frequency of urination. This role is beneficial when retained water causes bloating. Additionally, increased urination encourages the removal of toxins from the kidney. It is still an appetite suppressant and a metabolic enhancer. Increased metabolic output means that more fat is burned and food loss is accelerated. Fat deposits in the blood steam are also broken up and used as energy.

Grapefruit Essential Oil $12

Grapefruit oil is extracted from the fruit peel of the grapefruit and is used as to support balanced blood sugar, cholesterol, and to provide support to weight loss program. Its stress relieving action can combat emotional stress that can lead to unhealthy food consumption and overeating. It also helps maintain proper metabolic rates and stimulate hormone selection. 


Coconut Oil         $7    
Flaxseed Oil             $17

Lemon Oil                   $12
Peppermint Oil Detox Foot Soak    $10
Lemon Oil Detox Foot Soak           $10
All Natural Probiotics Supplements (30 days supply)       $50
All Natural Herbal Detox Supplements (30 days supply)  $35
Detox Tea (30 days supply)       $20
Green Tea Matcha     $15

One hour consultation- how to use, fitness, nutrition & lifestyle coaching   $15


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