Essential Oils for Healthy Legs


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Cypress Oil ($27 separately)

cypress essential oil

Cypress oil improves circulation, reduces muscle cramps and spasms, calms restless leg syndrome, prevents and treats carpal tunnel syndrome, stimulates blood flow, reduces swelling and inflammation, eases chronic pain, removes toxins, treats varicose veins (vericose veins and spider veins), reduce appearance of cellulite and more. 

Rosemary Oil (separately $17) 

Rosemary Oil improves circulation, reduces muscle soreness and cramping, reduces swelling and numbness and legs, hands and feet, delivers antioxidants and anti-aging benefits and as a bonus improves hair growth, reduces hair greying and hair loss. 

Ginger Root Oil (separately $17)

Ginger Root Oil improves blood circulation, delivers antioxidants and anti-aging benefits, also helps with digestive and stomach problems and fights germs, colds, flu and illnesses

Peppermint Oil (separately $17)

Peppermint Oil improves circulation in the legs and veins, promotes energy, improves metabolism, reduces cellulite, delivers much needed nutrients and plant phytochemicals, relieves pain, prevents and fights cancer. Additional benefits include relieves symptoms of allergies, sinuses, colds and flu. Additional benefits include hair growth, boosts testosterone and balances hormones. Try dry brushing the legs and other parts of the body that can use increase blood circulation, fat loss and reduction of cellulite. 

Grapefruit Oil ($12 separately)

Grapefruit Oil improves the look and appearance of legs, decreases cellulite and stubborn fat, delivers massive Vitamin C and antioxidants, improves poor blood circulation, improves skin by increasing collagen

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Regular Price $100 before shipping cost
Outside of continental USA & Internationally not included in free shipping