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Thyme oil fights cancer including breast cancer, ovarian cancer and oral cancer. 

It is one of the strongest antioxidants known to kill 98% of breast cancer cells. 

While Thyme is an excellent all natural healing essential oil for anyone it especially helps men to balance their hormones, increases metabolism, increases testosterone, increases muscle mass. Basically this oil plus sandalwood should have these descriptions and focus on male hormone imbalance

Benefits of Thyme Oil: A Must Have Essential Oil

Thyme oil kills the bacteria that causes acne so it is excellent and preventing, treating and getting rid of acne problems. It works better than any prescription or over-the-counter acne medicine or over the counter products due too it's all natural ingredients minus any chemicals or toxins.

Thyme essential oil also reduces spasms and involuntary muscle movements and spasms. This includes excessive coughs, respiratory attacks, stomach and digestive problems, spasmodic cholera, seizures, epilepsy and epileptic attacks, stomach aches, intestinal aches, convulsions and hysterical attacks.

Thyme oil improves arthritis, rheumatism and out. It is able to improve circulation therefore, toxins are removed and circulation in the joint areas are improved.  It is a diuretic helps to remove toxins from the body due to increased urination. The removal of toxins and improve circulation helps to improve arthritis and rheumatism.

It helps to reduce and get rid of hypertension which lowers stress and anxiety, blood pressure and other dangers health risks.

Thyme Oil is antibacterial. Use it to keep wounds and infections from spreading including: bacteria and infections of the organs, infections of the urethra, genitals, intestines, B colitis, respiratory system and keeps wounds from getting infected.

This essential oil is a tonic and tones and improves the skin, muscles, the heart, nervous system, digestive system and greatly boosts the immune system.

Thyme essential oil is very helpful for a healthy heart. It tones the heart, strengthens the heart muscle, reduces blood pressure, reduces a strain on the heart, and relaxes the arteries and veins.

Thyme oil provides the concentrated lifeblood of the herb thyme. You can't possibly eat enough of the herb to get the benefits that you would get from using the oil. Also because it is in the purest therapeutic form, you make cook with it, add it to your food and drinks, apply it directly to your skin, spray directly in the air to inhale and/or apply directly to areas of concern.