Germ Killer Spray 4 oz $10


 Germ killer spray four ounces. 100% natural, therapeutic way to sanitize around the house, office use instead of hand sanitizer and Lysol. When you feel a sore throat coming on, spray in the back of your throat swish around and swallow. Same health benefits and germ fighting ability as our germ killer oil but in a convenient spray form.



Essential oil sprays are one of the easiest  ways to use essential oils like Lena Hunt Co. Germ Killer or Peppermint and Lavender and any of our essential oils can be blended into a spray for you (please email for other essential oil sprays)  These sprays are blended custom to order with the best essential oils from plants that have amazing healing and therapeutic properties. These oils are made with the very best natural ingredients that provide tons of antioxidants and kill bacteria will leaving a naturally clean scent.


Freshens linens and carpets

-underwear drawer, car, pets, gym bag, mold, bathroom, rugs, pillows, blankets, tents, patio furniture

-Reduces allergies and congestion from pollen and animal dander

-Reduce stress and anxiety

-Replaces chemical Clorox and Febreez and aerosols

-Freshens any space naturally by killing bacteria instead of masking smells