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Cypress Essential Oil is the concentrated life blood of the cypress tree. Nature has provided all you need to not only survive but to thrive without side effects and expensive costs. Like many plants, cypress oil with the conifer cypress trees  have the amazing ability to withstand and thrive in all kinds of soil s including acidic and alkaline soils. They also can endure all kinds of weather and environmental factors such as storms, winds, dirt and dust, snow, ice, sleet, bugs and pests, atmospheric gases and even the damages from humans. These plants heal and keep coming back and growing time and time again. Now can you imagine what their concentrated oils can do for you?

Here are some incredible natural healing benefits that you can get from cypress oil: 

Kills bacteria, fights infections and helps external and internal wounds and cuts to heal faster. Loaded with camphene, cypress oil kills bacteria on the skin. This helps with acne, pustules, pimples, skin sores and eruptions. 

Prevents, treats, decreases and gets rid of muscle cramps and spasms. Because of its antispasmodic abilities, use cypress oil to reduce restless leg syndrome, muscle cramps, muscle spasms and muscle pulls. Apply directly to the affected areas and you'll gain pain relief as well as improved circulation in the area that is cramping, tight and spazzing. Great for back pain. It also gets rid of lactic acid build up so is the perfect all natural treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, stiffness from sitting all day and lack of movement and also from working out and excessive movement and physical fitness activities. 

Detoxes and Cleanses the Liver. Cypress oil contains antioxidants that help the body get rid of toxins. Along with peppermint oil and lemon oil, cypress oil makes the perfect liver detox. 

Helps blood to clot and strengthens body tissues. Improving the blood clotting means that cypress oils has incredible all natural astringent and hemostatic properties. It helps blood vessels to contract and this increases the flow of blood which leads to the healing  of skin, hair follicles, muscles and even gums. When your tissues are younger and tighter, chances are (for example) your hair will be less likely to fall out due to the strengthening of hair follicles. 

Reduces and Eliminates Respiratory Conditions and Illnesses. Cypress oil reduces and breaks up phlegm to help clear up congestion in your lungs and respiratory tract. As it is antispasmodic, cypress oil helps calm down the respiratory system and relives such conditions as respiratory infections, growth of bacteria and infections, asthma, breathing problems and bronchitis. It's perfect during colds and flu season and when the weather and pressure changes dramatically. 

Improves and Reduces Varicose Veins. By improving circulation, strengthening body tissues, reducing pressure in the veins so that blood can flow better, cypress oil is an amazing all natural remedy for varicose veins and pooling of blood in the legs. 

Prevents and Reduces Cellulite. Cypress oil gets rid of fluid in the body (reduces fluid retention), improves circulation and increases collagen, thus making it the perfect treatment for the reduction of the cottage-cheese appearance of cellulite. Just apply topically to the affected areas. Cypress oil can also be used to prevent and get rid of hemorrhoids without toxins and side effects.

Reduces Arthritis. The very same benefits such as decreases inflammation, cramps and pain plus improved circulation and a natural way to detox also makes cypress oil useful in the reduction of arthritis. 

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