Myrrh Oil

1/2 ounce $10


Myrrh essential oil is nature's answer to skincare, skin health and skin problems. Stop dumping money into buying face washes, wrinkle & anti-aging creams, and chemical filled acne “remedies”, chemicals, and toxins. Your skin cannot heal when you wash with, exfoliate, tone and moisturize with ingredients that are less than 100% natural. Your skin is an organ, the largest organ of your body. It's main purpose is to protect the rest of you (the inner you) from toxins, germs, and poisons.

 But when you apply anything other than all natural ingredients then you're just hurting your skin and body. The effects may show up immediately such as skin problems like acne, rashes, breakouts, wrinkles, aging and more may be immediate or may show up slowly. However, you're also destroying your epidermis and then it can't do it's job to protect other parts of your body like the inner systems. Plus the use of less than all natural ingredients will take their toll on your hormones, other organs, metabolism, allergies, sinuses and more. Your skin doesn't know what to do with anything it doesn't recognize and it doesn't know what to do with fake ingredients and chemicals.