Cold & Flu Immune Boosting Package

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Essential oils are rich in medicinal and healing properties. They work as natural remedies that can be easily absorbed by the skin, thus, promoting good health. A little quantity of essential oil goes quite a long way in relieving several adverse health effects. This is why a small bottle of essential oil can last a year or more. Below are some essential oils including coconut oil, germ killer essential oil, eucalyptus oil,  and lemon oil. The essential oils for skin kill herms naturally and can improve health without the use of chemicals.

Coconut oil
It’s strongly recommended for a whole load of health benefits. These includes; Skin care as it prevents wrinkles, dryness, flaking and sagging of skin and is immune booster against disease and sickness. Also Improving digestion, Improves bone health Prevents liver and kidney disease. Essential and good for heart health/ Heals damaged tissue  and maintain blood sugar and cholesterol.


Germ Killer Oil Spray

Germ killer spray four ounces. 100% natural, therapeutic way to sanitize around the house, office use instead of hand sanitizer and Lysol. When you feel a sore throat coming on, spray in the back of your throat swish around and swallow. Same health benefits and germ fighting ability as our germ killer oil but in a convenient spray form.

Germ Killer Oil      $15
Peppermint Oil       $15
Lemon Oil              $12
Eucalyptus Oil        $12
One hour consultation-how to use, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle coaching   $15

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