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The influenza "flu" virus attacks the upper respiratory system and spreads through the air from person to person.

Many people can have a lowered immune system and nutrient deficienies that make them more likely to get the flu or other illness. Other factors  like being stressed, lack of sleep, and exposure to toxins can worsen flu symptoms.

Try these natural flu remedies to speed the recovery and decrease symptoms associated with the flu. 

A great way to get the benefits of essential oils is by breathing them so that they enter your body through the nose and lungs and by diluted and massaging into skin. You can use them in a diffuser and in many other applications to replace body and home products.

Turmeric Essential Oil ($10 separately)

turmeric essential oil

Curcumin, the natural chemical compound found in turmeric – contains potent antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties. Turmeric is being tested in as new ways to control a flu pandemic especially in overpopulated developing countries.

Germ Killer Essential Oil Blend ($15 seperately)
Germ Killer oilis a blend of clove (syzygium aromaticum), lemon, cinnamon bark (cinnamomum), eucalyptus and rosemary that has been around since first being used by 15th century thieves during the plague. This organic oil blend is antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial. It works well in a diffuser to help purify the air in your home or as a throat spray to soothe a sore throat. You can use them in a diffuser or you can simply add four or five drops of the oil to a pot of boiled water. Cover your head with a towel while carefully leaning over the liquid and breathing in the steam.

Lemon Essential Oil ($17 separately)

Lemon essential oil (citrus limon), with its high vitamin content, helps boost the body’s immune system and stimulates the production of white blood cells, thereby increasing your ability to fight off illness. Lemon oil also improves circulation throughout the body.

Tea Tree ($17 separately)

Extracted from the tea tree (Melaleuca), which is native to Southeast Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, tea tree oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral properties. Used in an inhaler or in a bath, tea tree oil helps you fight the congestion and the resulting discomfort caused by the cold or the flu.
thyme are considered immune stimulants

Lavender ($17 separately)

Lavender was a significant guardian against some of the most deadly infectious diseases of all time - the great epidemics of plague sweeping across Europe throughout the Middle Ages and into the 17th century. The protective aspects of the plant were discovered when tannery workers who utilized the oil in manufacturing, and those who tended lavender fields, appeared to be immune to the disease. Unbeknownst at the time, lavender is an exceptional bactericide and also stimulates the production of white blood cells, thereby creating a robust defense against harmful invading pathogens.
German Chamomile 

Frankincense Essential Oil ($32 separately)

If you're suffering from a cough, frankincense is said to be a natural remedy for the lungs. It is also recommended for asthma and bronchitis. Just add 2 to 3 drops of frankincense essential oil in 1 ounce carrier oil. Rub the blend thoroughly on your chest.  

Peppermint ($32 seperately)
Rubbing peppermint and frankincense essential oil to the neck and bottoms of the feet can naturally support the immune system.  Also, clove oil can protect the body against infection and can speed recovery from the flu.  It is often included as an ingredient in natural chest rubs to help with congestion. Massage 2-3 drops (along with a carrier oil) onto chest or drop into a humidifier to help clear sinus and lung congestion. If your head is feeling stuffed or you can't stop coughing, try a peppermint essential oil steam.

Regular Price $110 before shipping cost
Outside of continental USA & Internationally not included in free shipping