Fluoride-free Toothpaste $10

Get healthier gums and teeth by using Lena Hunt Co. Essential Oils all natural flouride-free toothpaste with cinnamon, clove, coconut oil custom blends.

Fluoride is:

A deadly toxic chemical and too much of it can cause dental fluorosis, permanent teeth discoloration plus streaks and spots

It's added in city water and we already consume too much of it and 2 out of every 5 adolescent already have dental fluorosis

It is linked to thyroid problems (which causes weight gain, low metabolism), cancers, osteoporosis, endocrine issues and much more

Most European nations have banned fluoride because of its harmful effects on people's health

Claimed to strengthen teeth enamel, white and brighten teeth, prevent tooth decay but, in fact, it does the opposite

The EPA has many concerns about fluoride since the 1980s but they seem to have been ignored

Promoted in the USA to be a good thing and is added to tap drinking water and toothpaste to keep us sick so big pharma, medical and other companies can keep making money off of us.