Essential oils for exhaustion

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Exhaustion can come from many factors including lack of nutrition, lack of sleep, being overworked, too many responsibilities, a variety of stress factors, not taking time for yourself and the list goes on. There is physical exhaustion and nervous exhaustion. Usually when you are tired from one thing it leads to the exhaustion of another thing. In other words , if you are physically exhausted and cannot beat this, then emotionally and mentally you will be coming exhausted as well which will affect your nervous system leading too nervous exhaustion.

Most of the time this is due to the imbalance of mind, body and spirit. Usually, our minds are constantly racing and thinking way too much, our bodies are at rest and not moving which leads to a spirit and emotions that are out of whack. The vicious continues as you are overly tired, you are usually too tired to eat properly and grab for the junk foods which have no nutrition and loads of chemicals and preservatives. This leads to the body not being able to function properly and the cycle continues.

Physical and nervous exhaustion can be treated naturally with low-cost therapeutic essential oils which are also considered all natural remedies. These oils contain nutrients, plant phytochemicals and other highly concentrated nourishment that are in a liquid form that absorbs directly through the skin, through inhalation and diffusing. This means that they are highly concentrated with nutrients in a form that does not require digestion or any other system and processing to go immediately to work.

To treat physical exhaustion, here is a recipe that you can make into a blend to apply directly to the skin and or inhaled and if used to reap the benefits:

Regular Price $90 before shipping cost
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Physical Exhaustion Blend
10 drops geranium oil ($17 separately)
Three drops eucalyptus oil ($17 separately)
Three drops lemon oil ($17 separately)

In a half ounce glass bottle, combined geranium, eucalyptus and lemon oil. Shake to blend. Use as often as needed. It's recommended that you take one day off a week from essential oils.

Nervous Exhaustion Blend
10 drops clary sage oil ($17 separately)

Three drops frankincense oil ($32 separately)

Three drops peppermint oil ($15 separately)


And a half ounce glass bottle, combine clary sage, frankincense and peppermint oils. Shake to blend.


Regular Price $90 before shipping cost
Outside of continental USA & Internationally not included in free shipping