Essential Oils for Anxiety and Depression


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Bergamot ($17 seperately)
Uplifting Bergamot for Anxiety and Depression. Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is a type of orange grown mainly in Italy. The fruit is not considered edible but bergamot essential oil is extracted from its skin. You may be familiar with bergamot as the unique ingredient in Earl Grey tea.

Basil ($17 separately)

Basil -Uplifting refreshing scent that works against depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

Clary Sage ($17 separately)
Apart from potentially treating eye health-related problems, clary sage oil is also used to help calm the nervous system, especially during times of stress, depression and insomnia

Frankincense ($32 separately)

Frankincense is great for treating depression and anxiety because it provides a calming and tranquil energy as well as spiritual grounding. In aromatherapy, it helps deepen meditation and quiet the mind.

Lemon ($17 separately)

Lemon’s refreshing scent has purifying and uplifting properties. It helps to combat negative emotions, stress, depression and boost your immunity. 

Lavender ($17 separately)

Lavender -Lavender is a true cure-for-all. It helps with headaches, migraine, fear, anxiety, depression, nervousness, hypertension, and insomnia. It has a calming and relaxing effect on body and mind. 

Marjoram ($17 separately)

Kills bacteria, so it can protect you from food poisoning, typhoid, malaria, colic, and bacterial infections in the colon, skin, digestive system, urinary tract and other parts of the excretory system.

Ylang Ylang ($22 separately)


Ylang-Ylang -Has a relaxing scent that balances male and female energies. Its scent restores confidence and equilibrium and can be used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Essential Oils For Skin, Detox and Anti-Aging
Coconut ($10 separately)

Coconut oil might just be the most versatile health food on the planet. Not only is it my favorite cooking oil, but coconut oil uses are numerous and can extend to being a form of natural medicine, be used for natural beauty treatments and so much more.

Tea Tree Oil ($17 separately)

While records show that tea tree has been used for thousands of years by some indigenous people, thankfully today science is finally catching up and describing why tea tree oil is so effective. To date, over 327 scientific studies refer to tea tree oil’s antimicrobial prowess alone.

Cedarwood ($17 separately)

The health benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseborrhoeic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, tonic, astringent, diuretic, emenagogue, expectorant, insecticidal, sedative and fungicidal substance.

Natural Lavender Oil Shampoo and Body Wash ($10 separately)
Our Lavender Shampoo/Body Wash offers the relaxing and nourishing benefits of pure lavender oil. Feel tension and stress melt away as you protect and nourish your body, scalp and hair with all natural essential oils. 

Natural High Grade Essential Oils Face Moisturizer ($45 separately)
This high quality all natural facial moisturizer is a full 2 ounces of blended theurapeutic grade essential oils made specifically to order for you and your needs.

Natural hair Conditioner ($20 separately)

Made with Rosemary, Cedarwood, peppermint and other essential oils, our natural hair conditioner feeds your scalp and hair the nutrients they need. Unlike toxic conditioners and scalp treatments, essential oils are seen by the body as chemicals and poisons. Your scalp and skin is the first layer protection for keeping germs and other damaging matters from other systems of your body. Protect them with natural products.

Sandalwood ($15 separately)
Sandalwood oil and the paste of sandalwood is used in medicines, skin and beauty treatments and numerous industrial products including mouth fresheners, edibles, incense sticks, room fresheners, deodorants, perfumes, soaps, lotions, and creams

Frankincense ($32 separately)
Frankincense essential oil is a powerful astringent, meaning it helps protect skin cells. It can be used to help reduce acne blemishes, the appearance of large pores, to prevent wrinkles, and it will even help lift and tighten skin to naturally slow signs of aging.

($32 separately) Because it acts as an anti-anxiety agent, rose essential oil can greatly help with sexual dysfunction and issues related to performance anxiety and stress. It has also been reported that it can help balance sex hormones, which can contribute to increased sex drive.

For Weight Loss
This process supports cellular energy, which in turn, helps with weight loss. If you're looking to lose weigh with the help of essential oils, I would recommend grapefruit, cinnamon, and ginger essential oils. You can diffuse it or apply it topically with coconut oil.

Sea Kelp ($7 separately)

Contains crucial phytonutrients and is completely organic and natural for hormone balancing to restore energy and aid in weight loss.

Grapefruit ($12 separately)
Grapefruit essential oil actually works with your body in activating enzymes that help your body break down brown body fat. We know that grapefruit can benefit weight loss and that the essential oil of grapefruit actually comes from the grapefruit peel, which is very high in certain compounds like D-limonene and helps support the metabolism as well as the cleansing and drainage of your lymphatic glands.

Ginger ($17 separately)

One of the lesser known health benefits of ginger essential oil is joint health, especially because it's warming. Massage 1 drop into the affected areas. Also apply to the reflex points of the feet daily. Other oils that may be helpful include White Fir, Cypress, a joint support blend, or a massage blend.

For Mental Focus
Oils are used as cures for a variety of maladies while boosting other bodily processes. In particular, essential oils can profoundly improve memory, helping to boost both your focus and your recall time.

Cinnamon essential oil mouthwash ($10 separately)

Cinnamon boosts the activity of the brain and makes it a good brain tonic. It helps to remove nervous tension and memory loss.

For Hormone Balance
Basil ($22 separately)
Anise ($15 separately)
Clary sage
($17 separately)

African Shea Butter + Coconut oil ($10 separately)

What makes Shea butter an extraordinary skin care and an amazing body healer is its richness in precious constituents, which include unsaturated fats with a large proportion of "unsaponifiables" components, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E and D, provitamin A and allantoin. All these are natural and make Shea butter a superfood for your skin (and hair), but that is not all it can do for you. Here are some of the benefits of shea butter plus coconut oil:

Flouride free toothpaste ($10 separately)

Get healthier gums and teeth by using Lena Hunt Co. Essential Oils all natural flouride-free toothpaste with cinnamon, clove, coconut oil custom blends.

Essential Oils For Cleaning to Replace Toxic Home Cleaning and Immune Support
Tea Tree Oil Spray

Germ Killer Oil ($17 separately)
There are many ways to use Germ Killer. It is a highly versatile blend of oils that can be used for cleaning, disinfecting and for healthy immune support. Many household cleaning products can be replaced with just one bottle of Germ Killer. 

Germ Killer Spray ($10 separately)
Germ killer spray four ounces. 100% natural, therapeutic way to sanitize around the house, office use instead of hand sanitizer and Lysol.

Lemon ($17 separately)
Use on around the home and on wood cutting boards to kill any bacteria. Use a few drops on stainless steel appliances in the kitchen to clean and shine. 

Rosemary ($17 separately)
Mix a half cup distilled white vinegar, half cup water and 12 drops of rosemary oil. Decant into a spray bottle and use throughout your kitchen. You can also add some other potent cleaning essential oils to the mix too.

Lavender ($17 separately)
Lavender is more than just a delightful, summery scent. The essential oil of this fragrant plant has disinfectant properties, and its cleaning powers have long been known. Even before the antimicrobial properties of lavender were discovered, it was used for cleaning purposes

Eucalyptus ($17 separately)
Eucalyptusis a great germ killer, so I like to use it to clean my bathroom. I use it in a spray bottle to clean the sink and around my toilet and use it with baking soda and vinegar to clean the toilet bowl.

Peppermint ($17 separately)
Peppermint essential oil is a great complement to handmade disinfectants due to its antibacterial properties, not to mention it has a lovely and refreshing scent. It mixes well with other essential oils, for example rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus and lavender.

Cinnamon ($17 separately)
The health benefits of cinnamon can be attributed to its antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, astringent and anticlotting properties. The spice is rich in essential minerals such as manganese, iron and calcium, while also having a high content of fiber.
3-hours consultation and nutrition counseling on how to use essential oils package to replace toxins

Regular Price $650 before shipping cost
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