100% All natural remedies for arthritis, joint pain, anti-aging skincare discounted package

Here is a complete package of our recommended natural remedies and consultation for your arthritis pain, improved range of motion and flexibility, rheumatoid arthritis and joint relief, improved flora, natural antibiotics, natural anti-aging, skin health and 100% natural products, foods, supplements and remedies that will replace toxic cleaners, germ killers, soaps/shampoos, bleach, Lysol, hand sanitizers, bug repellant for your body and home, and much more. 

These items should last you 1-3 months or more. You'll find that you'll be using them for other issues and prevention as well so they may be used up quicker. However, they do work and will replace lots of toxic health, beauty and home cleaning products. (Such as peppermint oil is great for repelling bugs around the house and when applied to skin. It's also a natural energizer, increases focus, helps to increase metabolism, etc.)

Apply ice for twenty minutes or more. Place a thin cloth on your skin or area to be iced and ice for at least 20 minutes at a time to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain.

Then apply heat for NO more than 20 minutes. Then alternate from ice and heat, ice and heat as often as you can. 

Use the following for pain relief:
Peppermint Oil $15 http://www.essentialoilsfromplants.com/peppermint/ 


Arnica Oil $25 http://www.essentialoilsfromplants.com/flatiron-forum/

For healing internally use: 

100% natural probiotics $40  5 billion viable cells per capsule (30 capsules)
A healthy digestive system, flora and good bacteria is the remedy for many health problems. 

Magnesium Oil $17 http://www.essentialoilsfromplants.com/magnesium

Coconut Oil $7 x 2 = $14 (four ounce bottle)

Use coconut oil on your skin all over and ingest/eat/or cook with a tablespoon a day. This helps with many things including keeping blood sugar, blood pressure and much more healthy and healed. (Two bottles; one for ingesting and one for skin and scalp)


Cinnamon Oil $17 http://www.essentialoilsfromplants.com/cinnamon/
Cinnamon oil is warming so it warms the joints, increases circulation and reduces pain and inflammation. It has many other useful benefits including keep blood sugar balanced (to prevent, reduce and cure diabetes 2 and hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia and it helps decrease diabetes 1). 

Hyaluronic Acid $20 for thirty 100 mg capsules
Offers cushioning, lubrication, mobility, circulation and healing of joints and also improves the skin.

Flax Seed Oil $17 (four ounce bottle) 
Take 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil per day. Reduces inflammation and pain. Offers many benefits including heart health, lowering cholesterol, prevention of stroke, improves brain and organ functioning and more. 

Be sure to do juicing. Choose dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, collard greens, broccoli, watercress, herbs. Add a bit of raw garlic and raw onions. Add brightly colored fruits such as papaya, mango, tomatoes and more for nutrients and flavor. Add the oils listed below. 

Natural remedies to add to your juicing, foods, beverages and cooking which we carry:

Grass Jelly $4   (We are still adding this to our website)
Tumeric Oil $10 (We are still adding this to our website)
Lemon Oil $15 http://www.essentialoilsfromplants.com/lemon/
Ginger Oil  $17 http://www.essentialoilsfromplants.com/ginger

Tart Cherry Juice $5  x2 = $10 (four ounce bottle)
Loaded with antioxidants, it prevents and reduces pain, relieves anxiety and insomnia, and prevents gout. Take a teaspoon or more per day. Add to beverages and foods if you wish. 

Maintain range of motion in your shoulder(s). Do gentle exercises to keep shoulders from going stiff and losing more range of motion (ROM). Do you have a list of shoulder range of motion exercises and do you do them regularly?

You will also get three FREE consultation ($45 value) on how various ways on how to use these natural remedies, recipes and lifestyle coaching on health and wellness, workouts and nutrition. (Normally $15 per hour for consultation. 

This is your Complete Joint and Shoulder Pain, Arthritis, Range of Motion & Healthy Skin All Natural Remedies Package. The total price including shipping and handling is $291 when purchased separately. 

However, save $51 when you invest in the complete Joint and Shoulder Pain & Range of Motion All Natural Remedies Package. 

Discounted Price including shipping/handling is $240. 


LHCO Essential oils hair regrowth kit

1. Peppermint Essential Oils Soap/Body Wash & Face Cleanser All in One

Introducing Lena Hunt Co Essential Oil Kits for beginners. Get the high quality essentials oils at less than half the price with essential oil kits! Your body cannot heal and thrive when you use toxic ingredients. Never put anything on your skin, scalp or into your body that you cannot. Peppermint oil gives you energy, increased metabolism and increased focus. Peppermint Shampoo/Body Wash & Facial Cleanser 

2. Lavender Shampoo/Body Wash & Facial Cleanser

offers the same benefits as Peppermint however it is best used in the evening to help you prepare for sleep. It's relaxing, a stress reducer and sleep inducer. Hair loss increases when stress and anxiety exists and little sleep is had. 

3. Coconut Oil

This the only lotion your skin will ever need. It nourishes the skin and scalp, removes bad oils and bacteria. It never goes bad. It replaces toxic hair masks and conditioners. Coconut oil is a solid at a certain temperature but when it hits your skin it immediately turns into a liquid. This is nature's way of making sure it absorbs directly into your skin, scalp and bloodstream to deliver healing properties to all systems of the body immediately. 

4. Cedarwood Oil 

offers many health and beauty benefits especially hair growth. This is the one key oil for your hair concerns but I had to suggest the others (above) so that you're not using toxins. 

5. Lavender Oil

offers the soothing nourishment and sebum (oils) removal from your scalp, skin and pores. It's relaxing and induces sleep. It quickly takes away infections such as eye styes. It helps reduces stress and anxiety. Lavender essential oil helps with hair loss so you can grow hair because stress is a huge contributor to the loss of hair. 


Individually these 100% natural therapeutic products are $75. However, if you order this ultimate hair growth kit, you pay only $60 plus shipping.