Edible home cleaning and food insecticide Package

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Germ Killer Spray $10 (individual pricing)

Use germ killer to effectively remove toxins from store bought fruits and vegetables as well as clean around the home and musty areas. No chemicals and nothing but essential oils from plants. Research has shown the essential oil can kill pathogenic bacteria in water at a concentration of 1/5th of one percent. That’s 1/500th of the total amount of fluid. This amounts to 1 milliliter per 500 milliliters of water, or 20 drops per half liter.

These sprays are blended custom to order with the best essential oils from plants that have amazing healing and therapeutic properties. These oils are made with the very best natural ingredients that provide tons of antioxidants and kill bacteria will leaving a naturally clean scent.

Essential oil sprays are one of the easiest  ways to use essential oils like Lena Hunt Co. Germ Killer, Peppermint and Lavender and any of our essential oils can be blended into a spray for you to use around the home and on food to remove toxins and pesticides..  

Natural Bug Spray $18 (normal price)

Naturally repel insects like mosquitos, moths, locusts,  roaches etc. Spray on skin, in the air, around house, the patio, the pool, at the game or on the water etc. This amazing bug repellant features essential oils like Citronella and Lemongrass that also deliver health benefits such as skin moisturizing, skin calming, redness and rash reducing, itch relief, quick healing for bites and stings and it's pet friendly, child safe, long lasting and completely chemical free.

Buy 4 ounces spray bottle $18 and never deal with harmful chemicals found in aerosol sprays that cause cancers and lung disease even from the first uses. Using Lena Hunt Co. Bug Repellent you no longer need harmful insecticides to keep bugs and insects away. 

Lavender $17

Peppermint $15

Frankincense $32

One hour consultation-how to use, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle coaching   $15

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