Dry Skin  & Healthy Skin/Organs Care Package

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The great thing about essential oils is that they not only help with physical things, such as acne, but some also have calming properties. Still stressed about that calculus test? Stress can cause breakouts so use a few drops of essential oils to help with your skin and to also help you relax and relieve stress. Our oils work for people of all ages and works well and improves almost all skin types. To be sure please email us at lenahunt@live.com for a free consultation to make sure you are getting the right oils and using them correctly.




Using Essential Oils for Skin

For many people a few simple changes from chemical-based products to organic and natural oils can prove to be a huge factor in how they feel and look day to day. The fact of the matter is that essential oils and the ingredients that go into them have been around much longer and way more widely used to treat the same ailments people have had for thousands of years. 

Lavender Shampoo/Body Wash          $15
Peppermint Shampoo/Body Wash       $15
African Shea Butter w Coconut Oil      $7
Coconut Oil                        $7
Flax Seed Oil                                       $17
One hour consulation- how to use, fitness, nutrition & lifestyle coaching   $15

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