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Cedarwood Essential Oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation from the wood pieces of the Cedar Wood tree, which has the scientific name Juniperus Virginiana (also known as Cedrus Doedara, Cedrus Atlantica, and Cedrus Libani, depending on the regions where they are found) in other nomenclature systems. However, the complicated names of cedar wood essential oil do not affect the medicinal uses of the oil, of which there are many.

Cedarwood is basically a plant native to cold climates and is normally found at high altitudes. The chief components of Cedarwood Essential Oil are Alpha Cedrene, Beta Cedrene, Cedrol, Widdrol, Thujopsene and a group of Sesquiterpenes, which contribute a great deal to its medicinal value and health benefits.

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**Hair restoration and growth

Antispasmodic: Relieving spasms is yet another important medicinal property of Cedarwood Oil.. Nearly all types of spasms and related ailments can be relieved using this oil. This includes spasms that affect the respiratory system, intestines, muscles, heart and nerves. People that have trouble sleeping due to restless leg syndrome, respiratory seizures, asthma, and other spasmodic conditions also find relief from the soothing properties of cedarwood oil.

Tonic: Cedar Wood Oil can be used as a general health tonic, since it tones the organ systems and stimulates metabolism. It tightens and tones muscles, skin, nervous system, stomach, digestive system and brain functions. It boosts the functionality of the kidney and liver, which further improves overall health and wellness.

Astringent: As an astringent, Cedarwood Oil helps to cure toothaches, strengthens the grip of gums on teeth and protects them from falling out. It also tightens loose muscles and gives a feeling of firmness, fitness and youth. This property can also be used to cure diarrhea, by tightening the muscles of the digestive system and contracting those spasm-prone muscles. As an astringent, cedarwood oil is also a useful tool for protecting the skin from toxins and bacteria. Astringent substances also cause skin proteins to coagulate, where they then dry and harden, forming a protective shield on the applied area.

Diuretic: Its role as a diuretic is another beneficial property of Cedarwood Oil that can help cure a number of ailments including obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, urinary tract infections and the accumulation of toxins in the blood. Being a diuretic, it increases the frequency of urination which serves as a medium for removal of fat, excess water and toxins like uric acid from the body. These toxins and extra water accumulated in the body are the main causes behind the above-mentioned ailments.

Emmenagogue: Those who are having obstructed and irregular menstruation can definitely benefit from using Cedarwood Oil, as it is an emmenagogue, which means it stimulates and bring about menstruation, while also regularizing the cycle. The pain and side effects like nausea, fatigue, and mood swings associated with menstruation are also relieved through the regular use of Cedarwood Oil because it can impact the hormonal function of various glands in the endocrine system.

Expectorant: If you are suffering from cough, cold and related congestion, you should try Cedarwood Oil to alleviate the irritation. It is an expectorant and efficiently eliminates coughs and removes phlegm from the respiratory tracts and lungs, thereby relieving congestion. It also gives relief from headaches, red and watery eyes, and other symptom of coughs and colds. A small amount of this oil can also help you get a good night’s sleep when suffering from cough and cold. By stimulating the loosening of phlegm and the coughing which will remove it, you also protect your respiratory tract and overall health from toxins and conditions that excess phlegm can cause.

Insecticide: Cedarwood oil has been in use as a mosquito and insect repellant for a long time. When used in vaporizers, it drives away mosquitoes, flies and other insects in a large area around the house. It is regularly sprinkled on pillows or sheets at night so mosquitoes and other similarly irritating bugs and pests are driven away while you sleep.

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