Weight Gain Natural Remedy

Hormones work in a delicate balance with one another in the wide context of your entire body. For this reason, it is difficult to pinpoint the nature of a hormonal imbalance. But it is possible to treat the body as a whole to balance your hormones naturally. 

Weight gain symptoms can often be attributed to hormonal imbalances due to chemical toxins in the foods we eat and other sources of toxins that we are directly or indirectly exposed to. .

Essential oils Remedy for Weight Gain  

weight gain essential oil

Gaining weight can be frustrating, discouraging, and even dangerous. If you are exercising and eating a healthy diet, but are still struggling to lose weight, your hormones may be at fault. The obvious challenge in dealing with weight gain is getting proper nutrition from foods that you like to eat that make you full.

To get more vitamin C and to suppress appetite while kickstarting the metabolism, try using a natural weight loss remedy that includes Grapefruit essential oil

How to Apply: Mix together a quarter cup of almond oil with five drops each of grapefruit, lemon, and cypress oil. Anti-Cellulite Rub – Combine 10 drops of grapefruit, five drops of rosemary essential oil, and two drops each of cypress, peppermint, and ginger oils. Blend with a carrier oil like coconut essential oil before applying to the body.

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