Toxins in Your Toothpaste: Are You Using the Right Kind?

Many self-care and home-care products offer anything but “care” for your health. On the contrary, they’re one of most insidious toxin sources in our society. One of the worst culprits is toothpaste

More often than not, companies will simply include whatever ingredients get the job done for the cheapest manufacturing cost, even if it means turning a blind eye to the adverse health effects caused by their products.

Many toothpaste brands contain harmful ingredients like fluoride, carrageenan, artificial surfactants, detergents, and foaming agents, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, PEG’s and propylene glycol, triclosan, toxic industrial byproducts, and GMO ingredients.

Flouride free toothpaste with essential oils from plants

Flouride is a deadly toxic chemical and too much of it can cause dental fluorosis, permanent teeth discoloration plus streaks and spots. It's added in city water and we already consume too much of it and 2 out of every 5 adolescent already have dental fluorosis. It is linked to thyroid problems (which causes weight gain, low metabolism), cancers, osteoporosis, endocrine issues and much more.

What to use instead of chemicals? Essential oils from plants are made to order within flouride free toothpaste.Essential oils like peppermint mouthwash that is made fromplants without chemicals can help restore the natural pH balance of the mouth will naturally eliminating germs. 

** This oil is a cancer fighting essential oil 

Peppermint oil is not just an antiseptic that kills bad breath and gingivitis, it's also amazing for your gum health. Using 100% natural, therapeutic peppermint mouthwash in the morning first thing can be stimulating and can make it easier to wake up and get energized for the day

Clove mouthwash

Boosts immunes system and fights free radicals and relieves stressResearchers have discovered that cloves contain a plethora of highly medicinal compounds (eugenol being the one that is of greatest interest to scientists)—and all of these healing chemicals are present in high concentrations in the essential oil of cloves. .