Be careful when eating an apple

Pesticides sprayed on our fruits, vegetables, home, yard, play areas and in our skin and body products are the only toxic substance in our planet that is deliberately exhumed. They are used to kill fungus, insects, weed, rodents, etc. In the last years, public awareness of the dangers and effects of pesticides has become more well known, yet use has only multiplied in the last 40 years. This could be due to people not being educated or aware that there is any natural alternative to these harsh chemicals that can cause disease and health disorders.

Natural Insecticide and pesticide that is healthy for you yet gets rid of insects and bugs? No more putting away the dishes, covering your nose and mouth and leaving the house after you spray to exterminate roaches, ants, beetles, mosquitos, flies and more.

Use germ killer to effectively remove toxins from store bought fruits and vegetables as well as clean around the home and musty areas. No chemicals and nothing but essential oils from plants. 

Essential oil sprays are one of the easiest  ways to use essential oils like Lena Hunt Co.Germ Killer, Peppermint and Lavender and any of our essential oils can be blended into a spray for you. 

 These sprays are blended custom to order with the best essential oils from plants that have amazing healing and therapeutic properties. These oils are made with the very best natural ingredients that provide tons of antioxidants and kill bacteria will leaving a naturally clean scent.