Antibacterial Essential Oils For Skin

The use of essential oils  is rare in evidence-based medicine due to a lack of large scale money making. But for real life people who need a powerful all natural solution.  They are perfect for almost any ailments. The real question should be why are we so reluctant about supplement our health products rather than just replacing?

There has recently been a new found interest for essential oils from plants as their  therapeutic use has become more widely known.

Why use organic made to order oils? High grade essential oils like Peppermint and Lavender from plant can naturally suppress and kill many common bacterial and fungal strains, such as E.Coli and Candida albicans. They can be blended with carrier oils, used in the home but still gentle enough to use on body and skin. 

For mouth and teeth problems peppermint oil mouthwash and cinnamon oil mouthwash make a useful antiseptic mouthwash, that can relieve a sore throat too. At the same organic essential oil such as lemongrass oil have the strongest anti-fungal properties for treating yeast infections


Researchers also found that both clove essential oil and lemongrass oil have strong anti-viral effects. Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics and that makes all natural plant oils even more of viable option in some circumstances. In many cases clove oil is an effective way of treat oral problems that can lead to much more serious or even life threatening problems.

By far the biggest advantages of using organic essential oils from plants on your skin is that it is completely safe to use on skin and won't cause side effects or dependencies. Essential oils from plants do more than simply cover the symptoms of a large spectrum of problems when used correctly with proper nutrition and other wellness measures that allow you to heal the actual cause of the symptoms not just the effect. 

Need help?

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