Best drug free remedies for headache pain.

Headaches are an indication of health imbalance. Here are home remedies to restore balance and eliminate headaches naturally. Here are five proven approaches to headache relief:

Stop Headaches Before They Happen

The best strategy is not to get headaches in the first place. This is easier said than done, but consider these recommendations: One of the most effective things you can do is keep to a schedule and to make the time for your health and wellness. Doing so can significantly offset your stress and keep headaches at bay.

Maintain good hydration.
Both light cardio and stretching exercises are effective at controlling stress and minimizing headaches. Get seven to eight hours of sleep a night and take just 15 minutes to devote to some meditative relaxation strategies before bed. (Falling asleep to the daily news report on television can have the opposite effect.)

When using electronic devices for more than 15 minutes, look away every 10 to 15 minutes and focus on another object to avoid eye strain. Get up, stretch, breath in fresh air. Work in a space that is bright and well ventilated.

Use lavender essential oil to focus and relax. Lavender oil for pain is an amazing home remedy that works fast without side effects or chemicals. Apply drops of high grade lavender to the back of the neck, temples and brow (or other needed areas) to get rest and relieve pain from working out.


Use peppermint essential oil that provides a strong cooling pain relief that works better than topical creams or even headache medication without any of the side effects. Essential oils fromplants are high grade and many are even food grade with benefits when ingested. 

Eat (or Avoid) These Foods
One of the most useful home remedies for reducing headache and migraine pain involves is changing your diet. People with chronic headaches often learn by trial and error which foods and beverages to avoid. But some foods and nutrients seem to help prevent and offset headache pain, such as:

Spinach (vitamin B)
Fatty fish (omega-3s)
Watermelon (water)

You should pay attention to the nutritional value of what you eat in addition to factors like gluten, white carbs and many other anti-nutrients and toxins that will bring on headaches and unhealthy feelings. Balance out toxins from bad food by using germ killer essential oil and ginger essential oil in addition to stretching and regular exercise.

Foods that can actually cause headaches and migraine pain include:

Foods containing nitrates
Dairy products
Peanut butter
Citrus fruits

Getting the right fresh fruits and nutrients can be hard. Try a concentrated essential oil from plants like grapefruit essential oil that provides nutrients in a concentrated edible oil that will reduce appetite and even help with blood sugar and weight loss with correct usage.

Try Vitamins, Minerals, or essential oils from plants
Even if you have to deal with a few headaches a month, consider taking a supplement as a preventative measure. Keep in mind, different supplements work for different people. Over the course of a few months, try each of these one at a time to figure out which works best for you.

We recommend these vitamins, minerals:

Magnesium essential oil For people with deficiencies in magnesium, try massaging in magnesium oil and sea brine daily to improve symptoms. Patients with kidney disease should consult with their doctor before taking this mineral, however.

Clary Sage oil This herb can help reduce the frequency of attacks by lessening inflammation and restores hormone balance for men, women and teens. 

Peppermint essential oil relieves pain while restoring your energy levels giving you the drive to complete the much needed exercises without as much soreness.

Vitamin B2 ( riboflavin). This vitamin speeds up brain metabolism, which seems to be beneficial for those with migraines. Take 400 mg per day.

When to See Your Doctor About Headaches
If your headaches increase in frequency or severity, it’s time to see your primary care physician. Before your visit, jot down the frequency of your pain and any triggers that you feel may have contributed to them. 

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