Don't ignore these 6 warning signs of heart disease

While stress and anxiety can naturally occur in your life whether it be work related or something else there have been many reported instances of anxiety attacks being brought on just before heart attack occurs. General fear and panic, heart palpitations, and dizziness are just some of the symptoms associated with intense anxiety or what is commonly referred to as a panic attack but can be signaling to your that there is heart related problems..

While severe anxiety could be brought on by stress and the environment around you, serious heart ailments can manifest themselves with these exact symptoms.

Chest discomfort and pain are typically the most obvious indications that there could be risk of heart attack.. While not every pain in your chest is related to your heart, severe pain, often described by many as the weight of a car, it's usually present around the time of a heart attack or even after. If this pain doesn't stop or gets worse you should immediately contact a doctor or medical professional to be examined.

Have you found yourself coughing much more than usual? Chronic coughing and general wheezing can be a potential symptom of heart disease and even heart failure.

As the heart weakens, fluid becomes trapped in the lungs. One of the red flag signs is the coughing up of blood or phlegm mixed with blood. If you’re not under the weather in respect to a general cold or sinus issue yet you’re experiencing a deep perpetual cough, consult your physician immediately.

feeling dizzy heart problems

While general bouts of dizziness are common symptoms associated with ailments such as inner ear problems and sinus issues, continual bouts of dizziness over the course of several days or weeks can be a sign of something very serious.

When the heart fails to function properly due to pumping and rhythm issues, the side effects can manifest themselves in the form of lightheadedness and even severe cases of dizziness.

Fatigue is typically nothing to worry about. If you have a stressful job and a very demanding personal life, hitting the wall every once in a while in terms of exhaustion is not that uncommon. Getting enough sleep plays a key role in how your body is able to naturally recover and get the rest it needs to perform functions. Try lavender essential oil mixed with coconut oil and applied to the brow bone and back of neck to help calm the mind and help you naturally fall asleep while regular use of the product promotes circulation, balances hormones and helps lower blood pressure.

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More often than not, heart conditions are met with symptoms of fatigue. If the basic tasks of daily life leave you feeling exhausted, then you should be on heightened alert about getting more rest and exercise. The heart is a muscle and when it’s not performing correctly your body will begin to wind down and feel tired.



Do you feel sick to your stomach regularly for no apparent reason?

While nausea and a general lack of appetite could be the product of a stomach virus, many people who are on the verge of a cardiac event do experience some from of sickness. Swelling of the abdominal area is common with heart failure and various heart conditions.

If you’re experiencing nausea on a daily basis and a general lack of appetite has plagued you for several days or weeks, these issues could run much deeper than just a basic stomach flu. If standard antacid tablets fail to remedy your symptoms, you should be significantly concerned — especially if these symptoms are also accompanied by chest pains.

Your digestive system regulates the amount of waste and toxins in your body and what you eat or don't eat can affect your overall health putting more strain on the vital organs like your heart. One way to lower blood pressure, extra weight and curb appetite while increasing metabolism to burn fat is Grapefruit Essential Oil. Grapefruit oil can greatly reduce the cravings for foods that have a lot of cholesterol and regulate hormones and blood pressure with regular use.

Although abdominal, chest, and shoulder pains are quite common during the early stages of heart disease, other areas of the body can also suffer. Dull and/or sharp pain in the arms, back, elbows, jaw, and neck have also been reported. You can use Peppermint essential oil massaged into the areas to reduce pain as well as ingest small amounts to help clean the digestive system.





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