Balance Hormones Naturally

Why are all natural food grade medication and skin products better than name brands and store bought?

Brand name medications and health or body products sold over the counter and prescription products contain chemicals, toxins, artificial ingredients and fillers. Our bodies don't know what to do with these as they aren't all natural and safe food ingredients.

Therefore, our bodies views and deals with them as poisons. We are constantly applying these poisons to the largest organ of our bodies - the skin - which is the first line of defense. Your skin and the products you use on it is the key to male hormone balance and female hormone balance for weight gain, sleeploss, food cravings, allergies etc.

The skin protects our body's systems from germs and other damages but then we weaken it by using chemical products. Therefore, anything that you can't safely eat should not be put on your skin, scalp, hair, into our bodies, around our houses and offices, nor should they be used on our families and pets.

A well rounded approach is best. I recommend these all natural products: Peppermint and/or Lavender Oil Shampoo & Body Wash Replace your shampoo, soap, and body wash and go all natural!

Peppermint is for energizing, improved metabolism, cancer preventing and treatment of, improved circulation of hair follicles and hair growth, sexual stamina and drive and more. It's to be used in the mornings or when you need more energy. Lavender is for relaxation, rashes, anxiety, etc. It's to be used in the evening or when you need those benefits.


All Natural Face Cleanser With tea tree oil and other all natural essential oils to cleanse the skin naturally and destroy bacteria that causes blackheads, white heads, acne and large pores.

All Natural Face Toner To balance the pH level of your skin, pull toxins out of pores, blackheads & white heads All Natural Face and Body Lotion Organic and contains the healthy essential oils that moisturize your skin without leaving it oily.

You can get all these products at my site for a much higher price. Yet if you order directly through Lena Hunt, you can get discount with our Friends & Family Discount. The toner alone (not yet at the website) is $25.00. The moisturizer is $45.00. etc. Remember since these products don't have fillers and artificial ingredients, they will last you a long time because a little goes a long ways. You can order individually or the full package of products listed above for $135.



You can also get customized products to meet your budget. Please email for free consultation on the many ways to use all natural products and advice on health, wellness, fitness and nutrition.