Suffering from sleep inertia can be as dangerous as driving drunk.

Sleep inertia is a physiological state characterized by a decline in motor dexterity and a subjective feeling of grogginess immediately following an abrupt awakening. The impaired alertness may interfere with the ability to perform mental or physical tasks for a short amount of time or even longer through out the entire day if you don't know how to rid yourself of it.

 Usually people fully "wake up" in a half hour at most. For many, the morning routine of a shower or making coffee helps them through the inertial sleep inertia period. But relying on caffeine alone to replace what you're body is lacking isn't a good long term habit.

If you are someone who feels sluggish and like waking up fully is an impossible progress you are most likely suffering from sleep inertia and need to remedy the problem.

Sleep inertia can happen any time you wake up and not just in the morning. When people wake up from naps they often experience sleep inertia.




Drowsy driving – a lot of drowsy driving accidents happen early in the morning – not when the driver has been up too long, but when he or she has recently awoken and is still suffering from sleep inertia. Sleep inertia in a driver behind the wheel can be very dangerous as the impairment of motor and cognitive functions.

Many factors are involved in the characteristics of sleep inertia. The duration of prior sleep can influence the severity of subsequent sleep inertia. Although most studies have focused on sleep inertia after short naps, its effects can be shown after a normal 8-hour sleep period. A critical factor is the sleep stage prior to awakening.


"Grogginess" doesn’t have a precise medical or scientific meaning, but we all know what it is: not being fully awake or at normal performance after a sleep. Sleep inertia is the preferred term among professionals. Everyone has groggy mornings at least once in a while, but we all differ in how we wake up and start the day. "Morning people" rarely experience grogginess, or if they do not for very long. Others have grogginess every day. Some sleeping pills cause morning grogginess, too, although this was more common with old-style sleeping pills like Halcion than the newer pills.

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A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2006 found that severe morning grogginess can be more dangerous and debilitating than staying up all night. They're both dangerous, of course, but it is important that people with bad grogginess do something to remedy it to be more alert and to have more energy and prevent mistakes due to being overly tired. The mental handicap caused by sleep inertia can be substantial, and such measurements as reaction time in those with inertia can be comparable to those of drunk people.

 Exercise is a good way to fully wake up and paired with all natural essential oils from plants like Peppermint or Grapefruit you can lose weight while increasing your energy levels and balancing your hormones..  Coffee or other caffeinated beverages do many people a world of good but do not remedy the root cause of your sleepiness or lack of energy.  Drowsy driving is a major public safety hazard and doing sub-par work during the day won't help you.  Do everyone a favor and make sure you are awake before starting the car.

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