The dangers of heavy metals like lead and mercury are well-known at this point, and yet contaminated cosmetics are still sold every day. AVOID these dangerous products.

Most store brand make ups contain metals and chemicals that actually imbalance your hormones causing more irritation, blemishes, acne, wrinkles and eventually ever worsening health issues due to over exposure to these non-approved ingredients. The best way to ensure that you are actually improving your skin and health with the products you use is to use 100% natural and organic products such as:

Face Moisturizer with Frankincense, Rose Oil and Manuca Honey. This all natural moisturizer is blended with some of the best and most expensive essential oils blends that we carry which makes it an amazing and affordable high end age-defying cream that is better than store brands costing hundreds more. Just 2-3 drop on the face and under eye before bed and you will see the difference in potency between all natural and artificial products.