How can you replace chemical products in your home with cheaper and all natural working products?

The Germ Killer Spray is a natural, organic, environment friendly home and office sterilizer. It is made from natural oils such as clove, lemon, eucalyptus and cinnamon that have been used since the middle ages as a powerful and all natural way of killing germs before chemicals.

Another major benefit of Germ Killer is that it has no side effects on the user and is gentle to the body's sensory organs. Its therapeutic effect helps one to fight allergies, and it is gentle to babies.

Germ Killer Spray Benefits:

• Clean natural scent
• Healing properties
• Allergy management
• Body relaxation
• Replaces artificial chemicals (chemical Clorox and Febreez and aerosols)
• Sterilizes instead of masking bad smell
• Keeps insects away

* Kills black mold in and around damp areas in home

Clean Natural Scent
The Germ Killer Spray is an essential oil spray that gives a naturally pleasing scent in addition to its powerful anti-bacterial properties. These natural sweet scents come from a combination natural oil extracts that include: clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and other essential plant oils.

Healing Properties
These oils have special healing properties that are used to treat common ailments like a sore throat. To treat a sore throat, spray ones into the back of the mouth, and inhale. Within a few minutes, the pain relieving effects will be felt, followed by total healing after two more spray in intervals of two hours.

Allergy management
Unlike many artificial chemical sprays that are meant to be deadly to germs but end up causing severe allergies, Germ Killer Spray is gentle. It has natural ingredients that sooth out sensory organs. It does not cause inflammation the nose-passages nor cause a feeling dryness in the throat.

Body Relaxation
The sweet smelling scents of the Germ Killer Spray relax the body-tissues when sprayed on aching muscles. It can be used to relax the feet, and treat fungus infections between the toes. It can also be used as hand-sanitizers, Lysols, bleach and disinfectant that can cause severe irritation when they come in contact with sensitive skin.

Sterilizing Properties
This essential oil spray can be used to sterilize fruits, and vegetables. Spray fruits, and vegetables all round or on both sides, then wait for five minutes before rinsing. 

Keeps Insects Away
Spraying this sweet smelling essential oil cleaner during routine house cleaning will keep insects away. Its sweet smelling scent is irritating to insects that love the smell of rotting substances.

The Germ Killer Spray has the same benefits as the Germ Killer Oil. It is packaged in spray form for convenience, and because of the many practical purposes a spray offers. For cuts and bruises, a single spray before bandaging will keep infections away.