Remove warts and skin tags easily with these essential oils

Warts are contagious, ugly, stubborn and annoying. But they can be reduced and removed with essential oils. The same oils that are recommended for removing warts also work for getting rid of skin tags. Each oil has many amazing benefits for all parts and systems of your body as well including immune boosting, anti-aging and replacing lots of toxic products for your health, grooming, beauty, home and office needs. 

Apply the following essential oils 2-3 times per day on your wart(s) and skin tags. Apply with a clean cotton ball. Some people like to cover them with a bandage after applying the oils but that is up to you. Avoid the eyes. Be patient as you'll see the warts and/or skin tags drying up and "dying". They will go away for good. 100% natural essential oils that will remove warts and skin tags:


Oregano Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Grapefruit Oil

Lemon Oil


Here's a Wart and Skin Tag Removal Recipe that you can blend and carry with you throughout the day so that you can apply on to the areas of concern when you wish:


Wart & Skin Care Removal Essential Oils Blend


12 drops Lemon

5 drops Cypress

1 tablespoon Cider Vinegar


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