Powerful essential oils to eliminate allergy symptoms naturally

Some of the most common allergies can cause the biggest health problems. From sniffling to runny nose to breathing difficulties to inability to breathe at all, you'd think that the following items are just minor allergens:

pollen, mold, pet hair (pet dander), hay fever, grasses, flowers, dust, dust mites, toxins from artificial materials (paint, wallpaper, plastics, pesticides and chemicals on fruits and vegetables, anything not 100% natural), and more

Yet these common allergens that causes common allergies can lead to severe problems including COPD, asthma, severely weakened immune system and even death. Most people don't think of allergies being the cause of such devastation and fatality. Reality is they do. 

Over-the-counter allergy medicines and products and prescription allergy medicines don't do the job because they contain what our bodies are allergic to: artificial, toxic chemicals and drugs. The human body doesn't know what to do with things that aren't 100% natural and organic. So it has to fight them. The body's systems sees these as allergens as well, toxic allergens. 

This is why lots of allergy medicines such as antihistamines, nose drops, allergy medications, eye drops, prescription medications and more don't really work. Your body has to battle them too which leads to no relief, no healing, lots of side effects and a big waste of money. 

Yet 100% all natural essential oils work because they are made for the human body. Organic natural essential oils from plants were designed by nature and they are the life blood of plants. They keep plants healthy and coming back time and time again even after severe drought, flooding, insects, being mowed down and cut down, and much more. The same nutrients, phytochemicals, plant lifeblood is in highly concentrated from called essential oils. They are also called essential oils because they are, well, ESSENTIAL for life. 

Here is a list of essential oils that will prevent, inhibit and alleviate many of your allergy problems. Many of our clients have even been able to get off of their allergy medicines, breathing treatments and are living normal lives. 

Essential Oils for Allergies:

Tea Tree
Germ Killer Oil
Lavender Shampoo/Body Wash
Peppermint Shampoo/Body Wash
Germ Killer Spray

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Be sure to contact us on how to use these oils for your particular needs. They can replace many toxic household products such as disinfectants, soaps, shampoos, bleach, bug sprays, air fresheners, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, hand sanitizers, air neutralizers, and much more. 

Not sure which ones to choose or how to start? Contact us now for your free consultation. When you choose Lena Hunt Co. Essential Oils, you're not just getting 100% natural, therapeutic (ingestible) essential oils at the most affordable prices, you get our expertise with each purchase. You get the step-by-step how to use instructions, how to add them in your foods, beverages and cooking. You get advice on nutrition, work out, diets, how to ease off and/or replace toxic OTC products and medicines. 

You get expert consultation and advice. You get true relief and healing without side effects and a very quick amount of time. You get to enjoy life again. 

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