Which essential oils should I buy? Getting started and getting healthy is easy with LHCO essential oils

Recommended Essential Oils to Get You Started

“What essential oils do you recommend I buy?” is the number one question we receive.

It’s a tough one to answer, because what EOs you buy depends on what you’re going to use them for. Nonetheless, Lena Hunt Essential oils narrowed it down to 7 essential oils to consider when starting to use them in your personal care products or homemade cleaning supplies.

  • Peppermint (good for lip balms, sex drive, digestion oily/acneic skin, and cleaning products)
  • Rosemary (good for hair preparations,, menopause, hot flashes, oily/acneic skin, and cleaning products)
  • Rose (good for all skin types, period cramps and discomfort, creating perfumes, and for use in homemade moisturizers)
  • Tea tree (great for healing, oily skin,  keloids, warts, acne, blackheadsgetting rid of dandruff, oily/acneic skin, and cleaning products)
  • Lavender (great for all skin types, sleeploss, laundy, rashes, sores, bug bites, for relaxation, hair preparations, and cleaning products)
  • Lemon (great for lifting moods, cleaning preparations, skin moisturizers, fleas, bug repellant and sparingly in toners and products for oily skin)

All of these essential oils also happen to be some of the least expensive and easiest to find. Bonus! Email us lenahunt@live.com