The very best essential oils for all skin conditions incl. Rosacea and Eczema

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disorder that causes small pus-filled lesions and redness of the affected area of the face. This chronic skin condition similar to the dryness and itchy of eczema, in most cases, follows a cyclic pattern. The symptoms tend to aggravate for a specified period, followed by a period of remission before the next flare-up.

The goal of rosacea and other skin treatments with essential oils is to suppress flare-ups with appropriate therapies. Rosacea flare-ups frequently respond to treatment with essential oils. Essential oils can be applied to the affected areas of the face or they may be taken orally in the form of supplements to accelerate the healing process.


Geranium essential oil is extracted from the leaves and stalks of the plant Pelargonium odorantissimum or Pelargonium graveolens. It has a pleasant floral rose-like fragrance. The anti-inflammatory property of geranium essential oil can benefit people suffering from rosacea. Moreover, geranium essential oil also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, thereby boosting the natural ability of the skin to fight the inflammatory skin condition. Rosacea tends to weaken the blood vessels in the skin, which can be countered by applying geranium oil. The mild anti-bacterial property of the essential oil minimizes risk of infections during rosacea outbreaks. In addition, the aroma of the oil helps to calm the mind, reducing stress that tends to aggravate rosacea flare-ups.

Tea Tree Oil

Recent studies have found an association between Demodex mites and rosacea. These tiny mites, invisible to the naked eyes, are usually harmless. However, certain skin changes triggered by illness, stress and age may stimulate the mites to multiply.  Bacteria present in the mites are released into the skin when the mites die, causing an immune response that leads to rosacea. Tea tree oil is a powerful antimicrobial agent, which can protect your skin from rosacea by killing the Demodex mites and bacteria. 

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