Essential oils are simple and easy to use.

The biggest reason for people not try essential oils is usually their limited understanding of them. But with Lena Hunt Co. essential oils are actually just as easy to use and apply as any common body moisturizer or lotion and knowing which oil to use can be covered in just one consultation for lifetime uses.

Here is a quick guide to understanding which oils are for what remember unlike chemical or factory products small batch hand blended essential oils from plants are safer and work better and stronger and most are multipurpose. 

Most skin and hair related issues and health concerns can be alleviated by African shea butter with coconut oil or just coconut oil itself. This includes things like dry hair, dry skin, weak hair, hair shine, hair growth or regrowth, itchiness, skin sagging, under eye bags, rough hands or feet, sunburns and many other skin or hair related issues. Coconut oil is an amazing go to and recently has become a main method for teeth whitening. Email us about coconut oil pulling to get whiter teeth with zero chemicals or dental visits.

For digestion and all purpose uses oils like lemon and our Germ Killer blend can be ingested in small doses to relief a wide variety of digestion issues. The Germ Killer blend contains the perfect amount of antioxidants straight from plants like clove, lemon and cinnamon that kill bad bacteria and settle upset stomachs to bring comfort to almost any stomach issues as well as headaches and hangovers. ***Only ingest oils when instructed to do so for the proper amount, some oils are safe while others are only safe in certain amounts for certain people and others are not safe to ingest internally at all. Please email for consultation.

If you are a first time essential oil user understanding how to use them doesn't have to be hard or overwhelming. With just one consultation we can help you find the oils that best suite you and your families needs and we can help you replace many expensive household chemical cleaners, over the counter medications and even pet medications and child health related products. We are a local family run business that has found endless relief and savings in using essential oils and our business is paying the favor forward to our customers through our high quality low cost healthier products. 

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