Why aren't Essential Oils more well-know, widely used and appreciated?

The answer is simple. Big corporations don't want to pay for research on products that work better, faster and cheaper when lesser quality products and chemicals keep their customers coming back over and over for longer. Why sell them real tea tree oil when you can add 2 drops to water and they don't know the difference? YOUR BODY KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE.

The products available at www.essentialoilfromplants.com are unlike mass produced body and home products in that there are no additives or chemicals added to the essential oils you are getting. You are getting the pure expensive plant oil without the harmful additives and chemicals meant to dilute the product and even reduce it's potency. Even products available as a healthier alternative like Meyer's are NOT. There is no way for a product to be mass produced and not include some additives or chemicals in order to keep it fresh long enough to be sold, shipped and then resold. The products sold at www.essentialoilsfromplants.com are not like the products available at Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, or even higher end retailers like Lush.

 Bath and Body works $12 Product which is  really just 15% Tea Tree Oil, what is the other 85%? Water? 

Bath and Body works $12 Product which is  really just 15% Tea Tree Oil, what is the other 85%? Water? 

Our products are PURE oils. Not lotions with scents, or creams with an essential oil concentrate. NO, these are high end expensive 100% therapeutic grade essential oils (The stuff the big brands CAN'T and WON'T sell you for the cheapest price possible) Big brands can only afford to put 2%-15% worth of essential oils and we are selling full bottles with no additives. The smells are authentic non-chemical smells that come from the plant itself. You will find tons of products with Argan oil, Tea tree oil, etc but how many are 100% full of only essential oils with nothing else? None.

All of this reaches far greater than just your local pharmacy and the products it sells. Even your doctor is making suggestions based on products and marketing rather than what is the most beneficial for your body and your needs. Many clients of ours have had doctors simply hear their problem and look for the quickest solution rather than understanding the needs of the individual and working with them on the preventive measures to be taken to help their health for the long run.

Without naturally safe and powerful products like essential oils from plants, you can end up on expensive medication after medication taking multiples just to combat the side effect of another medication. This is a vicious cycle that many people fall into and think their is no way out. But there is and the very first step is listening to your own body. Beyond what a doctor tells you or what the info of a medication says, your body will be the greatest indicator of what is actually working and making you feel better and what isn't.

So, before taking a pill to get rid of the problem or assuming that the overpriced and watered down skin, beauty and hair care products at your pharmacy will get the job done, just know that proper exercise, nutrition and powerful all natural essential oils from plants will always be the first thing your body really needs in order to get the healing and better healthier living you need. Email us lenahunt@live.com and start getting healthier today with essential oils from plants.