What is juicing and does it work? Benefits of juicing and essential oil.

 Essential oils that can be added to juicing recipes to fight cancer: Lemon oil Basil oil Germ Killer Cinnamon oil Frankincense

Essential oils that can be added to juicing recipes to fight cancer: Lemon oil Basil oil Germ Killer Cinnamon oil Frankincense

The human body is amazing as it has the ability to heal itself but it needs the right ingredients and nutrients to do so. Juicing is the method of extracting juice from raw whole vegetables (particularly deep green leafy vegetables) and colorful fruits. Extracting the juice from these foods, a.k.a., juicing, results in a liquid that is loaded with plant chemicals, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that go directly into the bloodstream. These nutrients then can go to work into the various parts of the body to do their miraculous healing in a surprisingly short amount of time. In most cases of illnesses, disease, cancer and other health issues, the human body is lacking a strong immune system due to inadequate nutrients and enzymes from whole foods and the method of juicing will do the job of giving the body what it needs to heal itself.

In serious health problems such as cancer, juicing restores the healthy cells especially after chemo, or instead of chemotherapy. As good and healthy cells are restored and grow, they can attack bad or unhealthy cells. This is opposite of treatments such as chemotherapy, as chemo destroys both good and bad cells. This leads to no immune system at all and the entire body weakens. This is why traditional Western medicine's use of chemotherapy results in a severely weakened immune system, hair loss and other devastating side effects.

Juicing, like essential oils, allows the juice and nutrients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and go to work without having to wait on being processed such as by digestion etc. Every process that a food has to go through from cooking to digestion, destroys the healthy enzymes and nutrients in a food. Juicing also removes toxins such as chemicals, toxic medications and prescription drugs out of the body systems. When the toxins are removed and healthy nutrients are quickly absorbed, the bodies ability to heal kicks into overdrive.

More benefits of juicing:

- allows pre-digestion, the immediate absorption of nutrients from plant foods 

- germs and viruses cannot build up immunity and get stronger with juicing as the vegetables and fruits used in every single time you juice, are so versatile and varied 

- protects the body from illnesses due to acidic imbalances because because juicing raises the pH balance in our bodies. When a body is facing acidic imbalances diseases such as kidney and heart, diabetes and osteoporosis occur

Benefits of juicing to treat cancer:

- juicing requires using raw food, foods that are not cooked. This is much healthier as raw foods contain the nutrients that are usually destroyed in the process of cooking

- cooking destroys 100% of all enzymes in foods. This is especially true when using a microwave. Enzymes are needed for the digestive system to work. They break down food particles so that they can be used for energy.

- lack of digestive enzymes can result in bloating, cramping, bowel disorders, food allergies and more. When the human body is having to fight all these health problems, there is no way it can heal from severe problems such as cancer. 

Essential oils that can be added to juicing recipes to fight cancer:

Lemon oil

Basil oil

Germ Killer 

Cinnamon oil


Therefore, the most immediate thing for cancer patients is to start a juicing program. Please consult us for the types of vegetables and fruits that are best for certain types of cancer and other illnesses. 

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