Are your Rx meds healing or hurting? The real war on drugs is with prescription medications and the people making money from them.

It's usually assumed that a death or health problems with prescription medication is due to drug abuse or other uncontrollable health issues but what role do these unstable and chemical-laden, revenue generating, corporate controlled products play themselves in our health and lives? 

 Kimberly Mitchell weeps at the Houston National Cemetery for her husband, Chad, an Iraq war veteran who died of an accidental drug overdose....

Kimberly Mitchell weeps at the Houston National Cemetery for her husband, Chad, an Iraq war veteran who died of an accidental drug overdose....

Talk about the "drug wars" has been ongoing for years and years. However, now in 2015, this war now has a completely different meaning and enemy. Before, there was a major problem with illegal drugs, such as cocaine or heroine, killing millions of people. However, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, common prescription drugs are causing more deaths than ever,

You may believe that people are dying from prescription drugs because they're abusing them. However, the whole pharmaceutical industry has changed and a new drug problem is among us. This problem isn't because of how the drugs are being used. Instead, it deals with medicines that create more negative results and more problems instead of improving health. The reason this is so detrimental is because we live in a country that is so reliant on prescription medications. People turn to medicine as soon as they feel a slight pain such as a headache. All drugs and medicines contain side effects such as nausea, rashes, and fatigue.Many have more serious effects such as stroke, heart attack, and even death. People can suffer from a number of health conditions or side effects even  if they're not misusing their prescription drugs and following the directions exactly. 

So if prescription drugs aren't the best for you, what do you do when you're sick or have a health issue? Many people and doctors don't believe that there are natural remedies out there without all the dangerous, unwanted secondary effects. If you've heard of essential oils, you know this isn't true. While drugs put toxins into your body, essential oils pull out all the bad and detoxify. Drugs are man made and can only do one thing. They can't adjust or change to benefit you or improve your body. However, essential oils are able to adapt when conditions in the body change. As a result, oils can help restore balance in the body on every level. Instead of altering things in your body and weakening the immune system, like prescription drugs do, oils help rehabilitate because of their antiviral and antibacterial properties. Essential oils not only fail to result in negative side effects but actually create positive secondary effects such as improved moods, energy boost, stronger immune system, decreased stress level, pain relief, and many others. Next time you feel a headache or cold coming on, set down the bottle of pills and pick up peppermint oil and feel the powerful effects of these oils almost right away.

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