Yep! You CAN boost libido with the right essential oils (click to read how...)

It happens to even the most passionate of couple.  The romance drops off a bit. It can be tough for couples dealing with work, kids , and other responsibilities. Inject some romance AND some extra sex drive into your relationship with the right essential oils.

While most people associate essential oils with just  aromatherapy with general relaxation and a greater overall well-being, there are essential oils that are used specifically for romance and sexuality.  

One of the most popular ways to use them is in a sensual bath.  Creating a sensual bath is a great way to increase intimacy and build excitement.  

With the right person, the water alone can be a amazing experience and when you throw the right essential oils into the mix, you wind up with an out-of-this-world evening

What do you need to create a sensual bath?

You have to start with a room that’s sensual to look at.  So, get all of the dirty clothes and towels out of the way, and make sure your bathroom is completely clean.  (A little mildew will ruin the mood!)  

Then, light some unscented candles, and place them around the room.  

Next, you need the right essential oils. Mix  with 10-15 drops each of Lavender oil soap and Peppermint Body Wash.  Lavender essential oil has a long history of boosting libido and relieving the pressure that comes along with impotence, performance anxiety, or simply feeling undesirable.  In fact, it’s been an aphrodisiac since ancient times.

Peppermint body wash with essential oil also soothes anxieties and helps with impotence.  It’s also a proven energy-booster, which comes in handy during love making!  Plus, peppermint has a stimulating scent that helps bring out our emotional and sensual natures.

To turn the romance and sexuality up even further with essential oils that can warm even the coldest of hearts. Essential oils are great to use when you feel like the passion has been extinguished from your relationship.  All of that spice opens up your senses and will reinvigorate your love and will boost your libido by releasing a variety of emotions.

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