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Essential Oils By Use | Which Oils are best in the Spring? (Hint: Lemon Oil + Clove are Gonna Be HITS for cleaning the home! Watch out Febreeze and Lysol products! )

 A child is treated for asthma and allergies problems with an inhaler and eucalyptus essential oil for a non-chemical and highly effective treatment to breathing and sinus congestion related problems.

A child is treated for asthma and allergies problems with an inhaler and eucalyptus essential oil for a non-chemical and highly effective treatment to breathing and sinus congestion related problems.

We have been getting a lot of questions about lowering the costs of allergy medications and symptoms brought on by Spring weather changes. Essential oils are easy to use and understand and by recognizes a few properties about each plant and oil you can quickly determine which ones are best for you and your body. Visit the homepage at www.essentialoilsfromplants.com and type your oil or ailment in the search bar to get immediate remedies with essential oils. 

Essential oils have been increasingly creeping their way into the mainstream drug store cosmetic market and even the higher end retailers like Sephora through catchy end cap displays and celebrity product endorsements. The honest truth is that if you want what's best for your body you need to keep things as natural as possible. Essential oils are incredibly beneficial when handled, applied and used the right way and have avoided mixtures with other variable additives that can lower the potency of the all natural oils.

Each and every one of our products has its own uses, properties and characteristics that work both alone and in tandem with other Lena Hunt Co. products. Here is a quick list of a few different essential oils that will cure many of the more common Spring time and allergy related issues. Keeping a set of oils around the house can do amazing things for your comfort and day to day feeling.

Lena Hunt Co Spring Time Oils

Lemon Oil-

Lemon Oil is personally one of our family's new favorites. It is very earthy and bright and fresh. You can feel the cleansing power of the citrus and everything about it feels like spring. Lemon oil is an excellent way to detox by drinking it in a tea or adding 2-3 drops to some ice water and a sprig of mint. Lemon oil has naturally anti-septic properties and good natural acids that help rid the body and stomach of excess oils and bacteria on the skin as well topical for acne or insect bites and it works as amazing cleaner for wood floors and furniture. 

For household use lemon oil is an amazing combatant of mold and excellent multi-purpose concentrate when paired with clove essential oils (A la Germ Killer oil) that can clean bathrooms, counter tops, dishes, linens, carpets, tents, gym bags, automotive and pretty much anywhere you would use expensive store bought chemical based cleaners like Febreeze.

Lavender and Lavender Shampoo + Body Wash-

Lavender is sort of like MVP of essential oils. No matter what if you are feeling worn out, tired, stressed and it's causing headaches or sleep loss a few drops of lavender on the regular will do amazing things for your body's ability to unwind and relax. The natural smell of lavender is a soothing clean scent that also moisturizes skin and keeps you upbeat and comfortable and will also open up clogged and congested sinuses. 


For the ultimate natural allergy relief try eucalyptus oil. The strong but not harsh menthol from eucalyptus will break down the mucus and flem in the chest and sinuses just by applying locally. Our oil works harder and better than even the commercial products like Vick's Vapor Rub and has no greasy residue left over after use.


With spring comes more outside play and activities and that inevitable means accidents, cuts, scrapes, insect and sometimes animal bites. Frankincense is an excellent essential that acts similar to Neosporin but unlike Neosporin does not cause the pores to close. Frankincense allow the need circulation and ventilation while protecting the wound from outside bacteria and stimulant cell growth. We highly suggest this Frankincense as a carry allow to any outdoor outing and we have found it useful many times in situations like camping trips, sporting events, and vacations.

See the full list of products and benefits at www.essentialoilsfromplants.com use the search to get info for your specific needs! Email lenahunt@live.com to place your order and get your free consultation.