Look at what essential oils did for this woman's eyes and skin!

Find out how one woman reversed years of wrinkles and under eye bags with inexpensive, powerful essential oils from plants.  Read more...

When you hear about essential oils probably the first thing that you might think of is hair care or cosmetics or a big display with a celebrity cutting marketing a new skincare or hair care product . More and more commercial brands are cashing in on shoppers looking to make a healthier choice by buying more natural products. But many of these brands DO NOT offer healthier products at all. They are really only adding concentrated "all-natural" fragrances to their products and in the end these are the same products with a new appeal.

The essential oils from Lena Hunt Co are unlike anything available at your local pharmacy. Our oils are more pure and they are specifically hand blended in small batches according to the specific needs of our customers and the ailments they have. These oils are naturally and amazingly powerful enough to cure, reverse and in many cases, completely eliminate a lot of issues that even doctors and prescription medicines could not treat. 

See how one essential oils user improved her heavy under eye bags using inexpensive oils like chamomile that help replenish DNA and skin elasticity resulting in years of age wiped away. 

 Before and after treatment with essential oils. Inexpensive oils beat out even the highest priced products and commercial brands.

Before and after treatment with essential oils. Inexpensive oils beat out even the highest priced products and commercial brands.

Under eye treatment is just the beginning of what essential oils like peppermint and tea tree can do for restoring the hair and skin and when used together with our incredible moisturizers like African Shea Butter + Cocnut Oil  and see the improvement of one customer's stretch marks before and after use

The truth is essential oils in their pure forms and applications have been around in both eastern and western medicines long before the chemical and lab developed prescription medications  and expensive $100-$400 skin care products that doctors give patients so regularly today. The pharmaceutical industry only exists and is completely reliant on having customers. If these medications and products worked successfully and safely the way natural remedies do there would be no new money or returning customers the way there is with people who are still looking for the right solution to their health problems going from doctor to doctor or those who are dependent on expensive medications.

Essential oils work because they come from the strongest purest plants that grow naturally all over the world. These plants contain the lifeblood that is full of the restorative cells that our bodies need and even produce on our own giving you a natural improvement that chemicals cannot provide at much lower cost. Listen to your body first and doctors and medicines second. Essential oils can provide the solution to the health problems you have find out how by emailing us lenahunt@live.com or visit www.essentialoilsfromplants.com to schedule your free consultation and try 10 oils for $15