A skeptic's guide to essential oils: The science behind why these amazing oils work and the reason why you haven't heard of it 'til now

Each essential oil has it's own unique chemical composition like that of the plant or plants that it is made from. These are good natural chemicals that help stimulate the immune system, growing cells and eliminate toxins while killing viruses and bacteria. These are the same natural occurring chemicals that give plants that grow wild the ability to regrow so quickly and live in harsh conditions.


Essential oils help kill bad bacteria and viruses while encouraging new healthy growth by not harming the natural and good chemicals while allowing the body to do the work it does  on it's own. Essential oils works with your body and not against it.

 The way oils are handled, stored and applied can determine their effectiveness and an understanding of how to use them is needed to help get the very best use out of them. The oil quality and purity are all factors in their potency and effectiveness. LHCO oils are the highest quality and work better than oils costing twice as much. 

In comparison to prescription medicines, essential oils have received much less research or clinical studies on their function and effects and the reason is simply because their trials and when they were studied they worked and proved in many cases to be an inexpensive simple solution to an endless amount of conditions. That leaves little room  for capital gain or monetization on the oils as a product the way new pharmacy medications and products are developed and sold and it's this same reason why more people don't know about them or use them regularly.

In our experience we haven't come across a single ailment that essential oils and proper nutrition could not improve. essentialoilsfromplants.com is an award nominated wellness and holistic website that has helped countless of individuals, families, doctors and pets with all kinds of health issues at a much lower cost than traditional medicines. We are a family run business that stands by our products and believe that they will improve your health and life with their use.  Email us lenahunt@live.com with questions and  to schedule your free consultation on how to use essential oils.