Can chemical products pass as natural?

(The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works, CVS, Wal-greens and Lush won't want you to read this!) 

Essential oils that are made naturally and are chemical-free like those available go way beyond your average off the shelf lotion, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, shaving creams, deodorant etc that puts off fragrances or feels nice.

"Natural" vs. Organic

The difference between commercial store products and organic wellness products made in small batch is that the organic products are made and sold simply because they work and give user and their families and even pets relief as well legitimate undeniable healing and results without side effects.

The fact about any and all commercial companies that sell body products claiming to be natural (Yes, even the ones claiming to be organic with the awesome displays) are NOT. Most commercial body products contain just as many if not MORE harmful chemicals than other products that don't even claim to be natural or healthier. Take a look at any bottle from brands like Bath and Body works or any CVS brand and you'll find a long list of unspeakable weird lab rat chemicals. The chemicals have to be added in order to make their product last long enough to be distributed, shipped, sold, resold and finally used.

Look at this example of bottle of $12 Tea Tree "Oil" we bought from The Body Shop

Clearly, the most shocking fact about this is that there is only 15% of actual tea tree in this bottle? What is the other 85%?? Even more bizarre there is no listing of what the other chemicals are. Is it water? Should you feel good about paying $12 for 15% of product and the rest is simply water? Is it even purified water free of minerals in tap water? 

Questions like these are endless in a world of blind buying and consuming where the products and the people using them live under the assumption that it really is better for you. But we have failed to see the evidence of that. We don't believe that putting unnatural chemicals on or into your body like the ones that are in store bought lotions and deodorants that absorb into your bloodstream is better for you.

Not only are brands like The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works not making you healthier they are charging you way more by diluting their products with fillers and preservatives rather than all natural ingredients because they cost more and don't last as long. The next time you're out and you see a new body product jumping on the essential oils bandwagon take a look at the back of the bottle to see how many non-chemicals there are in it if at all.

To be 100% certain that the products you use to clean your home and body aren't toxic to you you should use ingestible therapeutic grade essential oils and completely eliminate all chemical body washes, shampoo, soaps, lotions, sunscreens and perfumes.

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