Essential oils for men | Let's hear it for the boys!

Listen up, guys! Lena Hunt Co. has essential oils specifically for all of the men who are tired of losing hair and afraid you're going bald. Medicines and hormones that can cause  you to lose hair can be reversed naturally and safely with essential oils.. Regrow your hair with 100% natural essential oils. 

Medications, anesthesia, stress hormones, aging, lack of nutrition and so much more can cause your hair to fall out. Just thinking about losing can stress you out enough to make you lose hair! Then the side effects of over the counter hair products and prescriptions to encourage hair growth range from hair loss to death?! That's enough to make you want to pull your hair out!

On average, a person loses about 100 strands of hair daily. If you think you're losing more than that, it may be possible that you're experiencing hair loss. Many believe only men suffer from hair loss, but 22% of women struggle with this as well. Hormonal changes alone can cause you to shed lots of hair daily. Even shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that contain chemicals and toxic ingredients can damage not just your hair but your scalp and a healthy scalp is necessary to grow a full head of hair. 

So what do do to gain hair back on your head? Try 100% natural essential oils with nothing toxic. Many essential oils have healing properties as well as the ability to increase circulation and stimulation in the hair follicles. Studies have shown that massaging the head with cedarwood oil can help the regrowing of hair if used on a consistent basis. Unlike other hair growth or hair loss treatment products, essential oils are 100% natural and have been recommended by aromatherapists and herbalists for a long time. Since these oils are organic and contain no chemicals, they don't produce any dangerous side effects. Add coconut oil to nourish your scalp. Use cedarwood oil and coconut oil on a daily basis or as a weekly scalp and hair mask. This all depends on if your hair is dry, normal, oily or a combination of those.

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Another great thing about essential oils is that you can create your own blends and use oils that cater to your specific needs. In other words, you can cheaply make your own shampoo, conditioner and other hair products. Why spend money on toxic products that damaging to your head, hair and health? One way to create a nourishing DIY hair treatment and conditioner and to promote hair growth is to blend 5 drops of each: cedarwood, thyme, lavender, and rosemary. Mix these oils with grapeseed or jojoba oi, or our favorite: coconut oil. Massage this blend into your scalp every day for two minutes. Be sure to bend over and hang your head to increase circulation to the scalp. If you do this three or four times a week, you will see results in just a few months. For those of you who are bald or close to bald, be patient. Hair will grow back but you must be patient. Also, make sure you exercise, eat the right foods and get enough rest to insure that you have overall good health and nutrients. Your hair and all of you will appreciate it!

There are a variety of other oils besides the ones named that can be used to treat hair loss such as: chamomile, cypress, juniper, clary sage, lemon, rose, ylang-ylang, bay, and many others. Choose your favorites and create your own blend to add to your shampoo and conditioner. You should also be sure to avoid dying your hair or exposing your hair to any other chemicals such as chlorine in pools. Also, work out often to minimize stress which could be one of the causes for hair loss. 

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