Constipation and Indigestion | It's a crappy problem that essential oils can fix.

Reduced Constipation and Indigestion Almost Immediately with Peppermint Oil

Let's face it, constipation and indigestion are embarrassing but even more than that they are painful and for many people they are a regular and ongoing problem that has to be dealt with in some way. Many people believe that antacids will do the job but for more serious indigestion issues, it will do little to nothing to reduce the discomfort. Plus many people pop antacids like they are going out of style and that's because they aren't solving the problem.

So how do you get rid of this gas, constipation and indigestion for good?

How do you treat it naturally without spending much money? With 100% natural peppermint oil made from peppermint plants. Peppermint oil can be applied and rubbed onto the stomach and specific areas of pain is a way to alleviate a wide variety of stomach issues that come from what you eat, hereditary and genetic problems like Crohn's Disease. Our family uses our peppermint blend for indigestion, nausea and upset stomach. It also works great for improve digestion and during colds and flus when you're stomach is queazy. Use this nutrients loaded oil as a muscle rub that soothes away a lot of aches pains without damaging anything the way that chemical pills, aspirins, ibuprofens and store bought products do. 

We have talked about peppermint oil a lot because of the versatility this particular essential oils has. For only $15 you receive a bottle of peppermint essential that can be applied directly onto the area of pain. You can also mix this essential oil with germ killer (our unique blend of oils that fights germs and bacteria) and distilled water into a household cleaner, air freshener and room sprays. This will replaced toxic air fresheners, deodorizers, bleach and other chemical-heavy products. You can even diffuse peppermint oil and/or germ killer into the air or added directly to your favorite shampoo.

Peppermint oil is one our favorite simply because it can be used so many different ways. If you have dealt with constipation or indigestion and you haven't found something at your local pharmacy that works the way you want, try rubbing peppermint oil. 

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