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Burning the midnight essential oil | Get an all natural boost from oils

Need a natural pick-me-up, one that lasts longer than coffee and doesn't have side effects? Try 100% natural peppermint oil. If you're thinking that we are exaggerating about the the strength of peppermint essential oil, we dare you to try it for yourself the next time you find yourself sleepy or needing to be more focused and energized. Peppermint oil also helps with boosting metabolism and reducing depression. It is used for all kinds of ailments and in most cases peppermint is a good essential oil to turn to for your every day aches and pains.

It can be inhaled by placing a drop or two in your hands and rubbing your hands together than inhaling through the nose and/or mouth. You can also apply it on to the skin (make sure you use a dilution that is specific for your needs, skin type, sensitivity, etc.) The oil can be diffused with a tea light or oil burning and you can also place a drop or two on to a cotton ball and put them in your vents. The oil will stimulate your senses to get a sense of renewed freshness. Essential oils don't need to be digested or processed, they go directly to the area of the brain that needs the healing and you can immediately benefit because your senses are awaken. This is very similar to how a certain aroma, say, fresh bread, can take you all the way back to the memories of when you were little and your grandmother would bake bread for you each weekend.

So how does peppermint oil work?
Peppermint leaves and the oils from those leaves stimulate your senses to help you stay better awake and energetic and they can be great in times of sluggish or natural slower feeling times. When applied to the skin it provides a cooling and simultaneously warming feeling that soothes a lot of pains while promoting blood flow. The oil is absorbed immediately by the skin and into the bloodstream if you are applying directly on to your skin. If diffusing or inhaling, peppermint oil goes directly to the brain. Many people use peppermint oil by diffusing it their home in the afternoon as their kids are coming back from the day at school because peppermint give you a natural feeling of cleanliness and comfort. 

Aside from helping with lightening the mood, peppermint oil can be used as a pain reliever when applied to the area of the body that is hurting. For headache relieve, rub 2-3 drops on the forehead and temples and this will alleviate a lot of pain. For congestion try diffusing and inhaling the vapor or try a touch of peppermint oil under your nose and on your chest and throat. Plus your getting lots of plant nutrients, phytochemicals and immune-boosting nourishment from essential oils. 

Peppermint is one of the Lena Hunt Co. Essential Oils that we consider an absolute necessity to any household. We mix it with our Germ Killer blend and use it to replace tons of expensive chemical based house hold cleaners like Ajax, Clorox, and Meyer's for our dishes, multi-purpose cleaners, mold and germ killers, deodorizers, and linen or room sprays. 

Learn how you can naturally and affordably replace your current household expensive chemical products, shampoos, body and bath washes, toothpaste, aspirins, ibuprofen products and more. Just contact us for a consultation. We'll help you learn exactly how to make your own alternative all natural cleaners and products without any toxins and how to save lots of money. 

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