Did You Know Your Deodorant Is Deadly?

Most Americans have a stick of deodorant as an essential piece of their medicine cabinet and in their travel bag. But most people are totally unaware of the long term health problems and complications that can be cause by prolonged use of deodorants that are full of chemicals. Many people aren't aware of the harmful effects of these ingredients  until it's too late. You can avoid complications at an older age by taking care of your body now. 

The most commonly known danger of most deodorants is the amount of aluminum that is in almost every deodorant (especially in the case of antiperspirants). Aluminum is added to help block the sweat from your pores which prevents bad odors. But what people don't think about is where is the sweat and toxins going if it's not away from you? Yep. The toxins and sweat go nowhere and are actually absorbed by the body and sometimes even directly into the bloodstream and chances are you don't need to be adding aluminum, other chemicals like propylene glycol which is a cheap petrol based chemical that makes the deodorant more applicable to the skin. And you don't want your own sweat and toxins going back into your system!!

One of these ingredients, all or together with others, can cause a wide variety of hormonal imbalances and even more serious dangers. Aluminum is known to cause memory problems, memory loss, and brain disorders and diseases. The safest and most natural alternative would be a Ylang Ylang or Calendula essential oils mix that are from plants. These healthy, nutrient-rich oils are then applied to the skin and go directly to your blood stream to do their amazing work. Essential oils work with the body unlike man made deodorants that prevent the body from doing what it does naturally. You'll not only smell nice but also be gaining improved immune system, relaxation, focus, balanced hormones and works as natural aphrodisiacs. There are no harmful aluminums, phthalates, or parabens. Rather than preventing the body from sweating, the essential oils safely and naturally neutralize odors while acting as an anti-bacterial that is safe and healthy leaving you with a pleasant floral clean scent. 

So why pay for deodorants and antiperspirants that are causing you harm and not allowing the body to do its natural functions of getting rid of toxins? Wouldn't you rather get all the benefits listed in the previous chapter? Who knew you could get such goodness from natural essential oils? All you were looking for was a deodorant. Now you've discovered 100% pure natural deodorants that do so much more. Remember, if you can't eat it, then don't put it on your skin!

If you are looking for more info on the dangers of commercial deodorants or if you have more questions about using essential oils to better your health and attitude email lenahunt@live.com to place an order and receive you free consultation on how to use.