Essential Oils for Teens

Having acne sucks. People stare at your zits instead of paying attention to you and what you have to say. Even if your acne isn't getting bad attention, you're feeling all insecure about it. You've even skipped out on fun and important events or talking to people because you're paranoid. You're tired of spending money on all kinds of acne medicines, lotions, skin care and other products that promise they'll zap your acne problems away. But none of them work. 

While essential oils are mainly used for mental health, they can also be used to help fight off embarrassing, painful acne. The benefits of essential oils can eliminate current acne and keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Your skin is sensitive to environmental changes, stress, chemicals in products and oily buildup that can lead to dreadful acne. Some essential oils have the ability to fight off acne breakouts. Some people take medication to fight off acne without knowing their side effects plus the chemicals in them contributes to the unhealthy skin. Using essential oils is a way to naturally remove acne and keep your skin clear.

The word "oil" is deceiving as essential oils are non greasy, so they will not cause a buildup and clog your pores. They will do quite the contrary. In fact, using them on acne are good ways to spot treat existing acne without using harsh treatments. The list below is several essential oils that will help you fight acne, remove blemishes, tighten small premature wrinkles and help balance hormones (which are a big factor in acne). 

You may already use EO without even knowing it.  Some manufacturers of fine creams and moisturizers already use small amounts in their ingredient list. The fragrance can be detected in some creams that you buy over the counter. However, there are usually chemicals and ingredients added to these products that aren't good for you or your skin. 

Designing your perfect beauty regimen is difficult to do without the use of all natural essential oils. Their benefits bring healthy skin and a smooth, radiant glow your facial features. The oils used in popular acne products have been used to gain therapeutic effects for years.

Essential oils are often dissolved in cream or oil and then applied as a moisturizer.  Even in small concentrations they provide medicinal advantages over acne breakouts.  The oils bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin, helping it fight off any blemishes.  Below is a list of some of the most popular essential oils that will help with your acne treatments.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is extracted from plants that greatly imitate the body's own hormones. The use of Clary Sage is often implemented where acne stems from hormonal imbalances. The essential oil can act as a precursor allowing the body to balance its hormones.


Eucalyptus is a popular plant extract that helps your body fight off blackheads.  It has a cleansing effect that removes dirt and oils and leaves only clear skin.


Lavender is considered an all-purpose oil since its uses include acne treatment as well as mental fatigue rejuvenation.  Lavender is good for the skin and it helps to draw out toxins and impurities. It can calm your mind and soothe your muscles from the stress and anxiety from the day, which when living a life that's more peaceful and balanced will help prevent or reduce acne flare ups.


The citrus effects of lemon can help refresh your mind and restore your skins natural balance. Lemon oil is known to quickly clear up current acne and remove blemishes.  Plus it gives your body extra Vitamin C to build up the immune system. After applying lemon, one should be careful not to have over-exposure to the sun since it can cause skin discoloration.

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