What you don't know about products claiming to be healthy might be hurting you and costing you more money than you think. #TeaTree #Argan and #SheaButter

In the past few years it is clearly obvious that many brands and big box names have jumped on the natural and organic bandwagon by adding bits of concentrated processed plant parts to their products to hopefully boost sales. But really, has anyone stopped to think about what constitutes a natural or healthy product verses an assumedly inferior product making the same claims? You may be shocked to hear that the requirements and standards for certifying and deeming a product natural and healthy. Today we are going to compare some of the most popular leading name brand products that you can buy in your local mall versus the Lena Hunt Co. Essential Oils to identify some key differences in the products you can choose to buy.

One of the suspects high up on our list is the ever popular Burt's Bees products and more specifically, the famous beeswax lip balm. This is a chap stick that has worked its way into the pockets of many customers by seemingly providing relief for chapped lips as well as a "soothing" cold sort of menthol effect after being applied to the lips. Countless people talk of the benefits of Burt's Bees and and assume that it's the healthier choice because of same trendy faux-homegrown packaging. What Burt's Bees regulars may not tell about you however, is that even after the first use this lip balm will ALWAYS require re-application. This is because the lip balm actually contains peppermint oil and for anyone who knows anything about essential oils peppermint shouldn't be used in the context of moisturizing dry lips or skin. Peppermint actually is an antiseptic that literally dries out the skin. This means while the lip balm and beeswax is working to soothe your lips, the added peppermint is also drying them out the same time to ensure that you will have to use more and, of course, buy more. Anyone who has used Burt's Bees lip balm is probably already aware of this vicious ongoing cycle.

If you read the reviews about Burt's Bees lip products, you'll find that many people have had mild to serious reactions to not only the peppermint oil but also to the lead, colorants and other ingredients. In fact, Maggie Severns reported on Mother Jones that after being tested, Burt's Bees tinted chapstick contained harmful lead. Burt's, which is owned by Cloroxtrades on selling "truly natural products that have a positive effect on both you and the world you live in." (Side note: my personal experience with their chapstick and tinted chapstick is a severe reaction which consisted of itching, pain and constant bleeding and shedding of the skin. The doctors said it resembled herpes but then deemed it was an allergic reaction to whatever I was using. That was the "natural" Burt's Bees tinted chap stick. It took two months and lots of pain for the reaction to finally clear up.)

The better alternative to addicting lip balms is Lena Hunt Co. coconut oil or  raw African shea butter. Each of these amazing products is derived from completely natural ingredients with absolutely no additives. Coconut and shea butters are both the essential fatty acids and Vitamins that your body needs. Nature made them for soothing dry skin and hair. They literally melt into your skin as you rub them in. Neither coconut oil or raw African shea butter goes bad. Imagine, if they don't spoil what they can do for you! We promise that this is the best available moisturizer that exists for your skin, lips and hair hands down. They are so natural and toxic free that you can even ingest them. In fact, cooking and taking a tablespoon or two of coconut oily daily is highly recommended. *****Click here to learn more.******

The bottom line is that many big companies have to process their products in order keep them seemingly fresh while they are made in factories, shipped and then sit on shelves for months and even years until they are bought and used. Plus they have to take short cuts in their expenses so they can spend more money on the glossy magazine ads, tv ads, fancy labels and expensive marketing to get you to buy into their "natural" products. This means harmful additives like preservatives, dyes and flavors are added to give the appeal of freshness and organic. This also means bigger charges and costs to you. 

Lena Hunt Co. only sells the purest and freshest oils that we hand blend ourselves in small batches. The smells, textures and healing properties our oils possess are true to the plants they come from. For just $15 you can try any 10 of our incredible products in sample sizes to see what is best for your needs and we even include a free consultation on how to use the oils! 

We care about our customers and we take pride in giving them products our family trusts and uses everyday. Email us at lenahunt@live.com to find out more about how essential oils will improve your health.