Treating painful urinary tract infections safely with essential oils


When bacteria gets into the urethra, it can travel up and enter the bladder which leads to an infection (or a UTI). It's important to treat this properly and correctly to ensure that the infection doesn't spread to the kidneys and cause permanent damage. Many people have suffered from UTIs. They are very common but also very uncomfortable.
If you have a urinary tract infection and go to the doctor's, they will most likely prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics help destroy the harmful bacteria. However, in the process of killing the bad bacteria, it also wipes out the good. This could leave your immune system weak and could make you vulnerable to infections and diseases. There are many alternative ways to treat a UTI that are natural with no harmful side effects. 

The first major thing that can help prevent or get rid of UTI is what you eat. Diet is what makes or breaks your immune system. Your immune system will be weak if you eat a diet full of junk food, grains, unhealthy oils, and sugary foods. Make sure your diet is well-balanced and healthy. Some foods you should eat are: meats (chicken and pork), fruits, vegetables, seafood, raw dairy, yogurt, and other foods packed with probiotics and antioxidants. Another food that is great for your health is garlic. It has great benefits that help combat bacteria. Cranberries and cranberry juice are acidic and offer the protection you need from constant bladder and urinary infections. Just be careful that you don't buy cranberry juice and berries that are loaded with sugar. 

Essential oils are another powerful way of fighting off infections such as UTIs. More specifically, oregano oil helps fight against bacteria and fungus. Research and studies have proven that it is equally, or even more, effective than antibiotics. Essential oils are so potent and are able to directly invade the cells which antibiotics are not able to do. When using oregano, you can either apply it directly to the bottoms of your feet or you could mix a few drops to cranberry juice. Make sure the cranberry juice is unsweetened because sugar will only irritate the UTI more.

Another essential oil that helps with UTIs and also possible kidney infections is geranium oil. Apply diluted geranium oil on the abdominal and uterus area and also on the lower back. 

Be sure to drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. Reduce your stress level and keep up your immune system.

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