Essentials oils in cooking for health and flavor

Essential Oils Used in Cooking

Essential oils deliver more nutrients, aroma and flavor then fresh or dried herbs. This is because they are highly concentrated lifeblood of plants. It doesn't take much to go along ways when using oils in your cooking.

Basil is a very popular herb used in many recipes. It only takes a drop or two in some recipes and sometimes even a tiny hint of the oil can be enough. Basil oil has a fragrant almost similar to licorice and adds spice two recipes. Basil oil delivers calcium, iron, vitamin A, potassium and magnesium. It is often found in Italian and Asian cuisines. Add basil oil at the end of cooking so the flavor will not be destroyed. You can add basil two pastas, soups, curries and most Asian Italian dishes.

Bay leaf oil is full of flavor and nutrition. It is much better than using the dried leaves, which is most often the way people use bay and cooking. Add a drop of bay leaf oil into a pot of stew or with meat and sauces and your fine how amazing it is to get such flavors, health and aroma at such a low cost. 

Celery seed oil is great for relieving pain and lowering blood pressure. You can add celery seed essential oil to drinks such as a bloody Mary. You'll find that it does very well in Cajun and Creole cooking. Many French recipes call for celery seed as well.

Black Pepper is from dried berries and goes well with just about every recipe. Black pepper essential oil not only adds spice and warmth to foods but delivers nutrients that helps with digestion and prevents intestinal gas from forming. It has also been shown to break down fat cells and help those who in just black pepper to lose weight.

These are just a few essential oils used in recipes for cooking. You can get more nutrients and all the good stuff from these herbs and plants at a much lower cost than using fresh or dried herbs. Be sure to experiment with ingestible essential oils to give your cooking the best flavor, Aroma and health benefits. You'll find that cooking with essential oils is a joy and those eat your dishes will be coming back for more!