Sex isn't always easy...

Facing sexual disorders? Can't get aroused? Libido has you frustrated? Aging, hormone imbalance, diabetes or other health conditions keeping you from the romantic, sexual experiences you used to enjoy?

Try tuberose essential oil known for its aphrodisiac and intoxicating floral fragrance to help with treatments of frigidity, impotence, and lack of libido. This strong and intense essential oil stimulates the areas of the brain that are responsible for sexual feelings, arousal and staying turned on. It relaxes the mind, keeping your mind from racing too much and this, in turn, releases stress and tension. This fragrance which is used in many perfumes and colognes increases blood circulation which helps with erectile dysfunction's and and potency.

The fragrance is very pleasant and relaxing which also helps with anger, cramps, nervousness, spasmodic coughs, anxiety, depression, convulsionsand diarrhea. For those who suffer with nervous and respiratory systems the sedating effect will help if used in a high dilution.

Since tuberose essential oils stimulate an increase blood circulation it produces a warming effect. This not only helps with sexual disorders it also keep you warm in the cold winters, prevents phlegm from building up in your body and keeps the respiratory system warm which prevents problems in this area.

Whether you're preparing for a romantic Valentine's Day or trying to find relief and a possible cure for sexual disorders, tuberose oil will not only help in this area, it will also help keep your body more relaxed and healthy. What can be more sexy than that for both you and your partner? Works for both men and women. 

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