How to Relieve Pain? How to Relieve Stress? How to Anti-Age? Most Popular Health Questions & Their Natural Remedies

The most popular health-related questions we get are: How do I get pain relief? How can I relieve my stress and anxiety? How can I add anti-aging so that I can look and feel young again?  

Here are the answers and the all natural solutions and remedies to the questions:  

Relieving stress, pain and adding anti-aging benefits all go hand in hand because if you're stressed out, you'll feel more pain and if you're feeling pain, you'll have stress. And all of this causes the aging process to accelerate. Anti-aging will reverse and reduce the aches, pains and stress of aging and restore things back to a more youthful balance.

Add a well-rounded exercise program on a daily basis

Exercise for at least thirty minutes each day. A well rounded exercise program includes cardio-respiratory workouts such as jogging, biking, swimming, dancing, etc. These cardio-respiratory exercises challenge and keep the heart and respiratory system healthy and work the large muscle groups and are repetitive exercises. This type of workout helps to reduce fat, improve the heart and lungs, helps blood to circulate better (delivering oxygen to all body systems and removing toxins and waste products).

Strength training is another part of the well rounded workout. These are exercises that challenge the muscles and they include weight training and resistance training (using your own body weight such as pushups and chin ups, etc.) These challenge your muscles and work your joints, bones and tendons. Adding more muscles and muscle tone helps to balance hormones and increases your metabolism because muscles require more calories just to stay alive than fat cells and other cells.

Flexibility workouts help to stretch, strengthen and keep joints, ligaments, tendons and the small body parts that help you with the larger movements (including sitting down and standing up). If you skip out of these then you'll get tighter and tighter and will experience pain as well as can face injury when you do the other parts of working out and/or just doing basic movements around the house. For example, being stiff and tight, you can pull out your back just by lifting a box or even sleeping the "wrong" way. Also, stretches and flexibility movements should include focusing your mind (meditation) in order to slow down an ever racing mind and moves a body that is usually sitting still. This brings balance of mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Choose to go gluten free.

Work towards going gluten free with one cheat day a week where you can eat whatever you want. Wheat and refined, processed carbs are GMO'ed and your body sees them as toxins and chemicals. When your body is so busy fighting poisons and toxins, it has little resources left to do anything else. Many ailments, health issues, and disease can be prevented, reduced and/or eliminated by going gluten free and reducing or avoiding refined carbs and sugars and reducing processed foods.

Add juicing to your diet. You can experience amazing health, anti-aging, pain relief and beauty/grooming gains in 1-2 days with juicing because juicing allows the foods' enzymes and nutrients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and body without processing. Processing (cooking, digestion, even freezing, canning, travel and delivery time, etc.) destroys the nutrients. To learn more about juicing, check out:

These are the essential oils that are recommended for pain relief, stress relief and for anti-aging that you can use directly on your skin, add into your juicing as well as foods and beverages (except for eucalyptus and arnica as those plants aren't safe to eat even in plant form but they can be inhaled and rubbed onto skin and areas of the body). You can also diffuse these essential oils by adding to your humidifier or through steaming or adding on a cotton ball and placing in your heating vent. Another method is to inhale the essential oils.

Here is a list of oils to provide pain relief, relieve stress and helps you sleep better and add much needed antioxidants and plant phytochemicals to give amazing antiaging benefits:

peppermint, arnica, magnesium with sea brine (for precious sea minerals and iodine to add electrolytes, much needed minerals and also iodine for a healthy thyroid), lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile, clary sage (to help balance hormones and bring back youthful hormones), germ killer, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, coconut, flaxseed, lemon, grapefruit

For best results in reducing pain, anxiety, stress and the damaging effects of rapid agin, don't use or ingest anything if you can't safely eat it.

Once again, if it's not a whole natural food then your body sees it as a toxin/chemical/poison so don't apply anything that's not 100% natural to your skin, scalp, hair, body or ingest or drink it.

Even shampoos and soaps should be all natural. Instead, use peppermint oil shampoo/body wash and lavender oil shampoo/body wash. Peppermint is recommended for morning use to increase metabolism, energy and focus. It also helps relieve pain, has anti-aging benefits and may prevent diseases such as cancer. Lavender shampoo and body wash is for evening to help reduce anxiety and stress and to bring on a good night's sleep.

Also coconut oil is the perfect moisturizer for your skin as it is a superfood that feeds the largest organ of your body: your skin. Ingest a tablespoon or two of coconut oil per day to keep your heart, brain and other organs healthy. It also lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, helps with weight loss and weight management and much more. 

All of the listed essential oils can be used instead of toxic over the counter products. They can also be used to clean and disinfect the home and office. When properly diluted with right amount of carrier oil, some can be used to care for your pets as well. 

And there are the all natural solutions and answers to the most popular questions regarding pain, stress and anti-aging. Stay healthy, youthful and balanced naturally.