How to Eat What You Want, Still Detox and Keep the Weight Off During the Holidays

Just admit that the holidays is not the time to watch your weight, be consistent at working out and being careful of what you eat. You can turn down the party trays that pass your way, think and not think (but really keep thinking obsessing about) all the holiday treats and foods that you received during Christmas. Reality is... You're going to dig in. Whether you do it a little bit at a time or full fledge pig out, during this holiday season, you're gonna let your guard and your gym visits down and the calorie counting is not going to be so consistent. 

So now that you've admitted the problem, you can realistically deal with it. No, it's not wise to make every single meal and snack whatever you want to eat and drink. Two pieces of pecan pie for breakfast, Christmas cookies and processed cheese balls for lunch, M&M's as in-between meals snacks, and beer and a big tin of popcorn for dinner isn't advisable. Especially not during the weeks between Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's Eve. That's all long time to be loading up on the junk food. 

The good news is you can still detox, balance your blood sugar, counteract the overload of carbs and refined foods and sugars, increase your metabolism, burn off fat, reduce cellulite and improve digestion. How? With 100% all natural, pure natural remedies and essential oils. These work because our bodies are made to only deal with what is all natural, not loaded with toxins and chemicals. If you can't safely eat it, if it's not 100% organic, therapeutic (ingestible) and has ingredients that are not safe to eat then your body sees it as harmful to its systems. So it's going to have to deal with the poisons instead of being able to help you heal, improve, grow, balance, and look and feel youthful. Just remember that all natural alternative remedies and therapeutic essential oils have worked for centuries and they still work now. How do they work so well? Because they have no toxins and artificial ingredients. They usually come in forms that our bodies can absorb and use immediately without having to be digested, rid of chemicals and poisons so there are little or no side effects. They are very affordable because they are readily available by our earth. 

Here is a list of essential oils that will help you through this holiday season and to help you meet your 2016 New Year's Resolution and beyond. They will help you with complete lifestyle changes, not temporary changes/goals that you burn out on and then slip back into your rut or bad habits and even worse. 

100% Therapeutic (Ingestible) Essential Oils for Holiday Detox, Balancing Carb & Sugar Intake, Weight Loss and Improving Metabolism:


Improves metabolism, energy, digestion, fat burning, circulation, detoxes, reduces allergies and sinus problems (when eating poorly, allergies and sinus problems increase due to processed foods, chemicals and additives), prevents and reduces cancer, delivers antioxidants and anti-aging benefits.

Grapefruit Oil
Burns off fat, prevents and reduces cellulite, uplifting scent promotes energy and motivation, balances blood sugar, prevents and decreases diabetes 2, balances carb intake, prevents cancer, provides antioxidants, detoxes. 

Cinnamon Oil
A diabetic's best friend. Helps to balance blood sugar after a high carb meal and sugary treats and desserts, improves arthritis and joint problems (poor eating habits, colder weather and processed foods can lead to joint problems such as arthritis), improves digestion. 

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is a super superfood and contains the much needed omega fats. It decreases appetite and helps you stay full longer, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, helps to burn fat. Can be used as a face and body lotion/moisturizer. Improves hair, skin, organs and so much more. 

Frankincense Oil 
Aids in focus, spiritual reflection, meditation, calms the mind, focus and mental clarity, relaxation, stress relief, reduces anxiety and improves sleep and insomnia. Frankincense oil helps you to focus on your goals and to bring balance of mind, body and spirit. It also prevents, reduces and may cure cancer. This oil helps you to stay grounded. Perfect when used during yoga, stretching exercises, pilates, tai chi and meditation. 

Cedarwood Oil
Helps you stick to your New Year's Resolution due to its ability to help you stay focused, improves mental clarification, meditation, calms the mind, perfect for spiritual and mental reflection. Perfect for use during your workouts especially yoga and mind/body/spirit exercises such as pilates and Tai Chi. Removes toxins, improves hair growth, reduces hair loss and baldness. (When eating poorly, you lack the nutrients that your hair needs to grow and to be healthy). 

Ginger Oil
Delivers antioxidants and nutrients that is more than necessary during the stressful holidays and holiday eating and overindulgences. Boosts immune system, fights colds and flus. Increases drive and motivation to prevent and reduce procrastination. 

The upcoming 2016 New Year is your fresh start. But don't wait until January 1, 2016 to start. You can use these essential oils (listed above) to help detoxify, burn off fat and extra weight, prevent and reduce cellulite, detox your addictions such as sugar and nicotine, find the drive and motivation to put your resolutions and dreams into action. 

This is going to be your best year yet so get a head start with all natural, therapeutic essential oils that have little or no side effects and expensive costs. So you'll also be working on your new budget and money saving goals and also needing to see the doctor less often.