The Most Effective Anti-Aging Firming Correcting Moisturizer for Your Skin Doesn't Have a High End Brand Name or Expensive Cost

We've been so heavily marketed to regarding young looking skin, how to reduce wrinkles, increase collagen, tighten and firm by top celebrities and expensive ads and marketing. You pay for all that marketing in the products you believe that you need. So much so that you think you need a serum, toner, eye gel, eye corrector, cream, moisturizer and more. You also pay in toxic side effects such as ingredients that mess up your hormones, damage your skin and even more serious health conditions. 


Myrrh essential oil is nature's answer to skincare, skin health and skin problems. Stop dumping money into buying face washes, wrinkle & anti-aging creams, and chemical filled acne “remedies”, chemicals, and toxins. Your skin cannot heal when you wash with, exfoliate, tone and moisturize with ingredients that are less than 100% natural. Your skin is an organ, the largest organ of your body. It's main purpose is to protect the rest of you (the inner you) from toxins, germs, and poisons. But when you apply anything other than all natural ingredients then you're just hurting your skin and body. The effects may show up immediately such as skin problems like acne, rashes, breakouts, wrinkles, aging and more may be immediate or may show up slowly. However, you're also destroying your epidermis and then it can't do it's job to protect other parts of your body like the inner systems. Plus the use of less than all natural ingredients will take their toll on your hormones, other organs, metabolism, allergies, sinuses and more. Your skin doesn't know what to do with anything it doesn't recognize and it doesn't know what to do with fake ingredients and chemicals. 

So don't put what you can't safely ingest on your skin or scalp. You should switch to something more effective and 100% natural if you want to get healthy skin. Myrrh oil has been around since the beginning of history, of mankind, of this planet. It has been mentioned throughout the Bible and popular among many ancient cultures such as the Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks. In fact, essential oils are so valued because they do so much, when the famous thieves who pilfered and ransacked through tombs and dead bodies of the plague victims in Europe in Medieval Times, often they would leave the gold and silver but ran off with the essential oils.

They also used the same essential oils that go into Germ Killer Oil and Germ Killer Spray to keep themselves healthy and immune from getting the plague. 

Myrrh is most popular for helping reverse the effects of aging on your skin and also moisturizes and hydrates. It's highly valued for its healing, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and antiviral properties. Now does your skincare, moisturizers, face serums, eye creams and hair conditioners do all this? Didn't think so? Can you add them to your foods and beverages? Didn't think so either. So maybe you should rethink what you are putting on your skin, hair, scalp and body. 

You can also use this oil to combat respiratory problems such as sore throats and coughs. Myrrh also helps cure digestive problems such as an upset stomach or diarrhea. This essential oil can also be effective in treating the pain of toothaches or other mouth problems. It's a great way to strengthen your overall immune system and maintain good health. As far as how to use it. There are many different ways to use myrrh. You can choose to inhale it by placing a few drops in some steaming water and inhaling the steam. You could also apply it directly to your skin or you could ingest it (don't worry, it's completely safe). Myrrh oil has been used to flavor foods and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of America.  

When choosing myrrh make sure it's not processed with toxic chemicals. Ours is 100% natural and therapeutic (ingestible). We will never use chemicals to extract our essential oils. So why waste money on expensive highly marketed brand name skincare products that are harming your skin and other systems of your body when you can save money and long term health problems with nature's gift to you, your skin and the rest of your mind and body?